A quick chat with the cute couple of ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai’

Feroze Khan and Sajal Ali, the cute couple of upcoming movie Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, visited Lahore for the promotions of their film and we got a chance to have a quick chat with them.

Lets check out what did they have to share with us.

If given a chance would you trade your profession for something else?
Feroze: I would be a fitness trainer.
Sajal: I don’t know. Singer or may be still an actor.

One actor/actress you would really like to work with?
Feroze: I would like to work with everyone, I can’t name anyone because I think that will be bad to other people.
Sajal: I would love to work with Noman Ijaz and Fawad Khan.

Do you think actors are a narcissist breed?
Feroze: Well it depends. I think it depends from person to person but yeah they are.
Sajal: It depends kind of well I think yes they are one.

Is it difficult for newcomers to make it in the film industry without connections?
Sajal: Yes. Yes. Yes, of course.
Feroze: No, it’s not difficult.
Sajal: Yes, it is.
Feroze: Well, that’s your answer (smiling). It’s not difficult but as long as you’re talented obviously you get to the right place but yeah you need some strings in the industry.

Who in this industry is someone you get along with so well that if needing something you would call them at 4 a.m?
Feroze: Sajal
Sajal: Feroze

What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
Feroze: Uh craziest thing? There are many fans and they do a lot of crazy stuff.
Sajal: Mujhe toh pappiyan shappiyan miljati hain khawatinoon sey.

What is the funniest rumor you have heard about yourself?
Feroze: That I am married and I have a son.
Sajal: Seriously?
Feroze: I had married you in that rumor too.
Sajal: yeah, that was the rumor.

Best and worst thing about your co-star?
Feroze: Worst thing is that she panics a lot and the best thing is that she is very supportive.
Sajal: I think Feroze was all good on the sets and he is very caring.

How is your role in this film different from something you have done before?
Feroze: I have never played a father before.
Sajal: Yeah, I also have never played a mother before.

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If one day you woke up and you were one of the following people  what would you do?

-Humaima Malick
Feroze: I woke up and was her? Well, I would look for Feroze. (laugh)
Sajal: I don’t know.
Feroze: Yeah that’s a very nice question

-Fawad Khan
Feroze: I would again look for Feroze.
Sajal: I don’t know.

-Sohai Ali Abro
Feroze: Well I think she moves well, she dances well so I would just try and quickly learn some moves. (laugh)
Sajal: I would dance, yeah.

-Shaan Shahid
Feroze: I would drive his Porche. (laugh)

What do you think is the biggest challenge our industry is facing today?
Feroze: People. The right people.

Lastly what are your future plans for us? Whats in line?
Feroze: Future no one knows, you can’t plan future.

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