In talk with Bilal Ashraf and Ali Rehman about ‘Janaan’ and more!

Janaan has created massive buzz because of its beautiful cast which includes two very handsome and charming actors Ali Rehman and Bilal Ashraf. The film is hitting the cinemas this Eid and we are sure that the people will go gaga over both of them for their killer looks and great acting skills.

We talked with Ali and Bilal about Janaan, entertainment industry in Pakistan and some other fun stuff. Check out what these heartthrobs have to share with us.

How is your role in this film different from something you have done before?

Bilal: I think it’s completely different. I haven’t done anything like this before, it’s a very serious character and it goes through different shades of emotions.

Ali: It’s very different because I am doing comedy in this role. I have played very serious roles before and I never got to play a really fun role so this was one of the reasons why I took on the role. I had never done comedy before and I wanted to challenge myself and push myself to the limit with it.

When a film is offered to you what are the aspects you look for before giving the final nod?

Bilal: The script and the team behind the film: the director, the DOP and the entire production team.

Ali: Script, the team behind it, and the actors involved. These are the three things I always look at. Script is number one priority and then the director, as the script is nothing without good direction. I also look at the production quality. Your co-stars really make a difference as well, as you have to see whether they are a best fit for you or not. These are things I really take into consideration before saying yes to a project.

You seem like a very happy person generally but what is that one thing that you are very serious about apart from work?

Bilal: I think what I am serious about is negativity. I don’t like negativity around and I think I don’t like people who say negative things. There are a lot of people out there who point fingers and my message to them is stop pointing fingers and concentrate on your own work and contribute to the society positively.

Ali: I am serious about my family. Generally, I am not serious about a lot of things. I am the most non-serious person you will find but I am really serious about my family.

One actor/actress you would really like to work with?

Bilal: I think I am already working with the actors and actresses I really like.

Ali: It’s a tough choice. I mean if you’re talking about Pakistan I would love to be able to work with Fawad Khan one day because I think he is brilliant. In actresses, I think there are many I would love to work with. I can’t just say one. I think Mahira Khan is a brilliant actor. I would love to work with her one day. Sonya Jahan is another one that I would really like to work with someday.

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Is it difficult for newcomers to make it in the film industry without connections?

Bilal: I think it was difficult but with the amount of films being made and with the help of social media it has become easier for the newcomers to get recognition now. If you have talent put it on Facebook, Dubsmash it and you can get picked by someone. Hania Amir from Janaan is a prime example of this.

Ali: I think that it is very difficult to make it to the industry. You need to have right connections and resources to support your life. I came into this industry without any connections. I was chosen on the merit of work I had done. And It took me longer than I had thought but there are certain people who might get in through connections. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was I wasn’t close enough to the industry. I never made myself available to them. I was in Islamabad, whereas the industry was based in Karachi. May be that’s what created the rift and it took me longer to get there. So, I feel like it is definitely a reason but it’s not like the ultimate truth and it’s not difficult if you place yourself in the right place where the industry exists. I think you will be able to get a job.

Who in this industry is someone you get along with so well that if needing something you would call them at 4 a.m?

Bilal: The producer of Waar Dr. Hassan Rana, who is also my mentor and he is also the producer, writer and director of upcoming movie Yalghaar.

Ali: There are so many people in the list, like Bilal ashraf, Hareem Farooq, Imran Kazmi who is the producer of Janaan and Osman Khalid Butt to name a few.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Bilal: Jumped into the pool because I was swimming and then managed to take a selfie in the pool with me. (laughs)

Ali: Many things, which I probably cannot share. (laughs)

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If one day you woke up and you were one of the following people  what would you do?

-Mahira Khan

Bilal: I would go and meet Shah Rukh Khan.

Ali: I would just look at myself all the time, and just try to pinch myself.

-Fahad Mustafa

Bilal: I would go to Jeeto Pakistan.

Ali: I would run to Jeeto Pakistan and try to host that show.

-Urwa Hocane

Bilal: I would ask her to come to set and shoot the two films she’s doing with Bilal Ashraf.

Ali: There is nothing Urwa hasn’t done. She is brilliant. I don’t know what I would do differently probably give a shout out to Ali Rehman Khan. (laughs)

-Ali Zafar

Bilal: I would go and sing ‘Rockstar’ in Coke Studio.

Ali: I would be making lots of Pakistani films and singing in them.

Lastly what are your future plans? Whats in line for us?

Bilal: There’s Yalghaar which is going to come out next year. I am shooting Rangreza and Jhol after the Janaan promotions are done and then I will move on to Waar 2. No plans for TV yet.

Ali: Lots of things. I am in Yalghaar with Bilal and Armeena and then I have two other very interesting projects in the pipeline which are coming up very soon. I will talk about those when the time comes.

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