Box Office Update (10 day Extended Week 1): ‘Actor in Law’ leads the race, ‘Janaan’ a close second and ‘ZKHH’ does decent too

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking site Box Office Detail. However until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.

This Eid-ul-Azha was rather filmy as we had not one or two but three big budget local films hitting cinemas and fighting for the viewers attention. Among them, the Fahad Mustafa- Mehwish Hayat starer ‘Actor In Law (AIL)’, the Feroze Khan- Sajal Aly starrer ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay (ZKHH)’ and lastly the Armeena Khan-Bilal Ashraf-Ali Rehman starrer ‘Janaan’.

Update Day 1-3

All three films received good promotions and in result the box office was bound to take good start and that is exactly what happened as we saw good box office numbers for day 1.

While day 2 was the day of surge with ZKHH doubling its numbers, day 3 has been more about sustaining the position as ZKHH makes the same business it did on second day, Janaan shows an increase of mere two lac from what it had raked in on Day 2.

AIL, however, has noticed some dip with a difference of approximately 40 lac in its second and third day business. The stability or even the dip maybe supported by the fact that Thursday was a working day with Eid holidays limited only to two days this time around. The film is still maintaining its top position and its third day business is still bigger than what it made on its opening.

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Update Day 4-6

While the Eid festivities were over the weekend meant that the three films would transition from one set of holidays to the other and the box office numbers would be smooth. All three films did well considering where they had started and keeping in mind the release of two Bollywood releases it would not be wrong to say that our local films have registered strong six day extended weekend numbers.

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Update Day 7-10

The crucial part as always is when Monday comes and the box office takes a dip.  Moreover due to the Bollywood releases ‘Pink’ and ‘Raaz Reboot’ and the resurgence of Pakistani film ‘Maalik’ it meant that the shows would be further divided.  ‘Actor In Law’ and ‘Janaan’ held particularly well due to the positive word of mouth and it seems the films are going to have a long smooth run at the box office. As for ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’,  considering the film never opened big it was expected it would either grow with time or maintain its steady numbers but unfortunately the film has slowed down.

Now with another Friday and more releases (‘Banjo’, ‘Sully’ and ‘Magnificent Seven’) our local films have more battles to fight! Who wins only time will tell. For the time being here are the day to day numbers.

Actor In Law

  1. Day 1 (Tues 13 Sept): 1.65 cr
  2. Day 2 (Wed 14 Sept): 2.25 cr
  3. Day 3 (Thu 15 Sept): 2.0 cr  (revised)
  4. Day 4 (Fri 16 Sept): 1.85 cr
  5. Day 5 (Sat 17 Sept): 1.95 cr
  6. Day 6 (Sun 18 Sept): 1.75 cr
  7. Day 7-10 (Mon 19 Sept – Thur 22 Sept): 2.8 cr
    Total: 14.25 cr


  1. Day 1 ( Tues 13 Sept): 1.04 cr
  2. Day 2 ( Wed 14 Sept): 1.45 cr
  3. Day 3 (Thu 16 Sept): 1.47 cr
  4. Day 4 (Fri 16 Sept): 1.15 cr
  5. Day 5 (Sat 17 Sept): 1.2 cr
  6. Day 6 (Sun 18 Sept): 1.1 cr
  7. Day 7-10 (Mon 19 Sept – Thur 22 Sept): 1.89 cr
    Total : 9.3 cr

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay

  1. Day 1 (Tues 13 Sept): 0.45 cr
  2. Day 2 (Wed 14 Sept): 0.90 cr
  3. Day 3 (Thu 16 Sept): 0.90 cr
  4. Day 4 (Fri 16 Sept): 0.57 cr
  5. Day 5 (Sat 17 Sept): 0.65 cr
  6. Day 6 (Sun a8 Sept): 0.60 cr
  7. Day 7-10 (Mon 19 Sept – Thur 22 Sept): 0.75 cr
    Total: 4.82


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