Tête-à-tête with ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ duo Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain

The sequel ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ is releasing this Friday (and we have seen the film, not revealing about it yet :p ) and we got a chance to sit and talk with the lead pair of the film –  gorgeous Saba Qamar and witty Yasir Hussain.

Here is what we talked with the ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ duo.

GL: If given a chance would you trade your profession for something else?

Yasir: Saba should not, she is a great actress.

Saba: Helping people like in an orphanage, social work and all.

Yasir: I wanted to be a doctor. In fact I will be a doctor if I get a chance and will take it as my next profession.

GL: Name one actor or actress you would really like to work with?

Yasir: Other than Saba I would love to work with Sanam Baloch.

Saba: I have almost worked with everyone except Bilal Ashraf.

GL: Do you think actors are a narcissistic breed?

Yasir: Yes, well every other person is like that toh actors toh honge hi na.

Saba: Yes, we are like that as its human nature. There are many such people in the industry, naam nahi ley saktey kiun key laraiyan hojayin gi, but there are around 90 percent of them.

Iman Ali with “Lahore Se Aagey” team.

GL: Is it difficult for newcomers to make it in the film industry without connections?

Yasir: It is.

Saba: No No No.

Yasir: It took me 11 years to be there.

Saba: We don’t have professional institutes or proper channels to get started. Otherwise, it is not as such a difficult job here. I or Yasir, for example, put our best and we finally reached where we are now despite the fact that it took a lot of time.

Yasir: It took me eleven years to be here. Its one example I can give, whereas, I know many actors who had good connections and they became popular in 3 to 4 years. They did TV shows and even films in such a short time span because they had good connections. On the other side, I started with the theater, even there I used to do minor or muted roles in the start. So, yeah connections matter in the media as they do in any other field.

GL: Who in this industry is someone you get along with so well that if needing something you would call them at 4 a.m?

Yasir: Saba Qamar and Abdullah Faratullah.

Saba: Aamina Sheikh and Juggan Kazim.

GL: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Yasir: Nothing. I want them to do something.

Saba: Mujhe toh channel mey milney agayi thi aik larki. Seriously.

Yasir: That was me, tumney pehchana nahi.

GL: What is the funniest rumor that you have heard about yourself?

Saba: Merey wala funny nahi tha, it was about money laundering.

Yasir: Key mey sari films sirf apney liye hi likhta hun. hahaha, lets laugh.

GL: From the films that released this Eid-ul-Azha which one was your favorite?

Saba: I didn’t get a chance to watch any.

Yasir: Actor In Law.


GL: If one day you woke up and you were one of the following person. What would you do?

-Humaima Malick

Saba: Mein toh us sy poochoon gi, why you’re not working? She is not doing anything these days. She’s a brilliant actress.

Yasir: Yaar, meiney lux per itna keh diya tha woh merey sey naraz ho gayi thi.

Saba: Toh acha bolo na. Kis ney kaha hai ky galat bolo.

Yasir: I would say bye bye emraan hashmi

-Hamza Ali Abbasi

Saba: Future. PTI future.

Yasir: If I wake up as Hamza Ali Abbasi well I would call Saba.

Saba: Huh? I will kill you man. Hahaha, you’re getting a tight slap on your face baby.

Yasir: Acha nahi… if I wake up as Hamza I would leave PTI.

Saba: I would switch off my mobile.

-Mahira Khan

Yasir: I will say “bus zara sa lux”

-Ali Zafar

Yasir: I would never sleep then.

Saba: I will go to the gym.

GL: Lastly what are your future plans? What’s in line for us?

Yasir: Movies, only movies.

Saba: I want to work in Hollywood films and I will Insh’Allah⁠⁠⁠⁠.

Iman Ali with “Lahore Se Aagey” lead cast.
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