Box Office Update: ‘Balu Mahi’ ends its run and emerges as a FLOP!


The first big release of the year ‘Balu Mahi’ seemed to have everything working for it as the buzz surrounding the film was crazy and a box office success was definitely expected. But box office, as they say, is very unpredictable and unfortunately, the film wasn’t able to create much impact at the box office.

The film is currently in its sixth week and playing in cinemas ( it still has one show per day at Cinestar Township Lahore) but it’s safe to say that it won’t be adding much to the kitty and the box office run for the film has ended.

Now, interestingly, the makers have been completely silent when it comes to the box office and all this talk about the disappointing opening numbers and the further response is just the industry insiders talking. We tried to contact the makers for numbers but despite several attempts, we weren’t able to get a response.

So to track the box office of this film we will be using a different approach altogether.

‘Balu Mahi’ released on February 10 alongside the Akhsy Kumar starrer ‘ Jolly LLB 2’. Both the films had a good number of shows in week one as is normally with big films. Then later at the end of the first week,  cinema owners analyzed the performance of both the films and allotted shows for week 2 accordingly. Now while we do not have the data for all cinemas in Pakistan we will be using Nueplex Cinemas as a sample which has five screens and is one of the biggest and most successful cinemas in Pakistan

So here are the number of shows for both films at Nueplex Cinemas second weekend:

Balu Mahi = 11 shows
Jolly LLB 2=  26 shows

And a similar trend can be traced for week 2 and so on.  Now, it’s clear from these numbers that ‘Jolly LLB2’ performed better at the box office and whatever the number for ‘Jolly LLB 2’ the number for ‘Balu Mahi’ will be lower. ‘Jolly LLB 2’ has collected 3.5 crores at the box office ( official numbers courtesy Box Office Detail) and it would not be wrong to assume that ‘Balu Mahi’ has collected somewhere around 2.5- 3 crore. And for a film that has reportedly been made on a budget of 10 crores, the numbers are dissapoiting to say the least.

So yes, Balu Mahi flopped at the box-office guys!




  1. opening should have been better as there was some craze due to music and cast…but the trend showed that the movie content was poor…I found movie strictly average with poor acting especially by the hero himself…


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