Box Office Update: ‘Whistle’ is a colossal washout which was out of cinemas in seven days!


2017 is definitely turning out to be a bad year for Pakistani cinema. First, it was ‘Thora Jee Le’ which bombed at the box office, then it was ‘Balu Mahi’ and its disappointing total tally and now the third release of the year 2017 ‘Whistle’ has taken things to a completely different level as far as box office failures are considered.

The film which hit cinemas on February 17 could not even last seven days and was completely taken off cinemas February 24. Although this shouldn’t come across as a surprise, given that theĀ first day first show of the film at DHA Cinema Lahore was canceled as there was no audience!

The film, nonetheless, managed to stay in cinemas for seven days and collect 5 lakhs. Yes, the film has a total box office collection of 5 lakhs. If this is not a colossal washout, we don’t know what is.

Here’s hoping that upcoming Pakistani films are met with a better fate.



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