Box Office Update: ‘Raasta’ opens to empty cinemas all over Pakistan

Looks like the clouds of bad luck are yet not ready to leave our films alone. After ‘Thora Jee Le’, ‘Balu Mahi’ and ‘Whistle’, now the fourth Pakistani release of the year ‘Raasta’ has opened to a lackluster response.

The Sahir Lodhi starrer which released yesterday 31 March failed to gather any buzz as was evident from almost empty cinema halls all over Pakistan. Galaxy Lollywood’s Momin Ali Munshi watched the film at DHA Cinema Lahore at the prime time of 7:45 pm and the cinema had about 20 people in the audience. Similarly, cinemas all over Pakistan saw a poor response as people did not turn up to see the film.

As per reports, the film has managed to collect 2 million ( 20 lakhs) on the very first day. Given, the extremely negative word of mouth lets see if the film picks up in the coming days. For the sake of our film industry, we hope it does!

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