Box Office: ‘Verna’ nearly ends its box office run with disappointing numbers!

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking site Box Office Detail. However, until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.

It was not a smooth sail for Shoaib Mansoor’s highly-anticipated Mahira Khan starer ‘Verna’. But, despite enduring censor turmoil and release uncertainty, the film made it to cinemas all across the country on the due date. However, due to a late issued certificate it released later in the evening and missed some of the key shows in afternoon/evening.

The movie was much hyped due to the presence of Mahira Khan and direction of Shoaib Mansoor but from the opening weekend itself, the movie failed to live up to the expectations the audiences and the industry had from it and didn’t really get any appreciation.

The movie had collected around 2.7crores in its first weekend which was reasonably good considering the film had opened late on Friday. From Monday onwards the film saw huge fall all over Pakistan as the collections were 50% down from first Friday which in itself was a limited release hence the first week ended at around 4 crores.

The second week saw more fall which could partly be explained by the fact that it was badly hit by the protests all over the country but still, the fall was very alarming as the film could only manage 1 crore in the second week taking two week total to 5crores approximately.

The third weekend started on Saturday and the film managed to collect approximately 30 lakhs on that day and Sunday was a bit lower than this. The film we believe is nearly ending its run and the total lifetime tally from Pakistan will be about 6 crores.

Similarly, even on the international front, Verna has not been able to collect much money. Territories like the UK and North America opened really slow which was sad given the film starred Mahira Khan and was directed by Shoaib Mansoor. The film has managed to collect around 4 cores and we think by the end of its run Verna might manage to amass about 10-11 crores globally which isn’t that great.

Just for comparison, Shoaib Mansoor’s directorial debut ‘Khuda Kay Liayay’ which released in 2007 had made about 8 cores domestically while his second film ‘Bol’ released in 2011 made 12 crores domestically with a worldwide gross about 17 crores. It was expected that Verna would cross 15 crores domestically and the worldwide gross would cross 20 crores given Mahira Khan’s rise to stardom over the years.

The producers might be saved by low costs of the film but overall it has been a failure and a major disappointment for all Shoaib Mansoor fans.

I am a complete movie buff, who not only watches a lot of movies but also considers all other factors involved in making movie a success story. Movies are my passion and analysing them from all aspects is what I love doing.