PIFF 2018: Better film infrastructure and unity discussed on Launch Day

Karachi is host to the four-day finale of Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF)’s first edition these days, and with yesterday’s introductory press event at Pearl Continental Hotel, along with the first day of the event already underway today, the entire exercise has formally kick-started.

While we, at Galax Lollywood, will update you tomorrow with today’s (Day 1) happenings, (or you can follow us on Instagram for quicker updates), here is a little round-up of Day zero yesterday and all that you need to know about it:

The ‘Day-Zero,’ as mentioned earlier, had the opening press conference as its main highlight, where all the media gathered and was briefed by the the PIFF board on the festival’s main agenda and highlights. Not only that, a handcrafted trophy titled, ‘The Spirit of Kolachi,’ designed by renowned sculpture and painter Mr. Abdul Jabbar Gull was also unveiled at the event.

In attendance were the industry bigwigs like, President Karachi Film Society, Sultana Siddiqui, Oscar winning filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and Director PIFF, Abrar-ul-Hassan, along with Ronak Lakhani, Sayeeda Laghari, and Jamil Baig among others.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood at the event and explaining the purpose behind it, Sultana Siddiqui said:

Carrying on the prevalent thought at the event, Sultana Siddiqui also emphasised on the need for unity in Pakistani cinema, and specially between the film societies of Karachi and Lahore, so that a united front of Pakistan film industry can be presented internationally.

Similarly, Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy, speaking at press conference said, “as a filmmaker I say, everyone who makes a film is brave. There is no government policy, no tax breaks, and not even enough cinemas. I am really excited that PIFF is creating this platform, and hope more people are encouraged by this initiative.”

The four-day festival will feature prominent film makers from different countries including India, Italy, Germany, Nepal and US to name a few. The festival will screen different categories of films ranging from documentaries, short films and feature films submitted from 93 countries across the globe. For the entire festival, a total of 210 films have been selected from the categories of documentaries, short films and feature length films.

There will be a total of eight movie premieres – Cake, The Valley, Lala Begum, Moomal Rano, Zaraab, The Song of Scorpions, Kuch Bheege Alfaaz, and The Wishing Tree.

While The Wishing Tree features Shabana Azmi, Zaraab is the first Balochi language film to be premiered in Pakistan. A special matinee show of the newly released animated movie Tick Tock will also be arranged for children at Nueplex Cinemas.

This is all for now, stay connected with Galaxy Lollywood as we will keep bringing you all the updates from this hot event in K-town.

On-field reporting by: Momin Ali Munshi

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