Cultural Fusion Or Cultural Confusion? The Debate On Cross-Cultural Collaborations

With artistic exchange between Pakistan and India, the landscape is evolving beyond traditional mediums of dramas and films. The dawn of a new era witnesses a vibrant cross-border collaboration extending to web series. Recent days have seen a surge in fashion collaborations between the two countries, sparking intriguing conversations and diverse opinions among the masses. As people express their viewpoints, it’s evident that these collaborations are not just about style, but also serve as a bridge connecting cultures. But how do people feel about these collaborations?

First let’s dive into the recent collaborations that we came across.

Palak Tiwari models for Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain’s latest Lawn collection, ’24’, dubbed ‘Crafted Liliana – Unstitched’, made headlines by featuring Indian actress Palak Tiwari as its model. The collaboration, teased and hinted at before its release, garnered mixed reactions from both sides of the border. While some praised the partnership, others voiced their discontent.

In Pakistan, there were calls to feature a local model, while in India, criticism was directed at Palak for endorsing a Pakistani brand. This controversy has sparked a lively debate, highlighting the complexities of cross-border collaborations in the fashion industry.

Mushq campaigns features Sonam Bajwa

The latest buzz revolves around the unexpected collaboration between Indian Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa and Pakistani heartthrob Ahsan Khan for the Mushq brand. The unveiling of their recent photoshoot has sent shockwaves through the industry, capturing the attention of people from both sides of the border.

Mahira Khan features in a campaign for an Indian designer

Our beloved Mahira Khan has once again graced the spotlight, this time in a dazzling campaign for Indian designer Sawan Gandhi. Set against the glamorous backdrop of Dubai, Mahira mesmerizes as she showcases Gandhi’s exquisite creations. Radiating elegance and charm, Mahira captures our hearts with her flawless grace and style.

HSY shares his two cents about cross-border collaboration

In a podcast with Adnan Faisal, HSY urged the media to redirect its focus from Bollywood celebrities to nurturing local talent. Emphasizing the importance of celebrating indigenous artists, HSY advocated for a cultural shift towards supporting homegrown talent and letting individuals pursue their passions freely. He said, “Praise your own people. We need to focus on ourselves. Our celebrities will be happy and then media will start bashing saying ‘look they got married’…Tell your own children that opportunities are also available here, so they feel included. We need to bring people together. I have no issue with people from neighboring countries. It’s just that they aren’t celebrating us or featuring us in their own campaigns, so why should we? Pakistan needs us right now. “

Our celebrities’ admiration for Bollywood

Indeed, it’s important to recognize that the media’s fascination with Bollywood isn’t solely to blame. Many of our own actors have openly expressed their eagerness to work across the border and have actively pursued projects in India to showcase their talent. While it’s natural to appreciate and welcome collaborations, there’s a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed.

There have been instances where our celebrities have seemingly placed Indian actors on pedestals, such as the gathering with Javed Akhtar, can raise eyebrows and prompt reflection. While it’s perfectly fine to admire talent and show respect, it’s crucial to maintain a sense of dignity and self-respect.

Strong culture bond between Pakistan and India

It’s essential to acknowledge the strong cultural ties that bind Pakistan and India, akin to inseparable twins with shared histories and traditions. The connection runs deep, making it challenging to disregard the intertwined nature of these two nations.

Pakistani society holds a significant fondness for Bollywood, having been raised on its captivating tales and iconic characters. Conversely, Indian audiences exhibit a genuine appreciation for Pakistani storytelling, often lauding the depth and authenticity portrayed in Pakistani dramas.

This reciprocal admiration underlines the enduring bond between the two countries, emphasizing that cultural exchange is not constrained by borders but flourishes despite them.

It’s time to address the proverbial elephant in the room – the undeniable truth that many of our A-list celebrities often find themselves working with lesser-known brands or settling for less prestigious roles. While this isn’t a blanket statement applicable to all, it’s a concerning trend that warrants attention. On the flip side, we don’t always see the same level of reciprocity, with A-listers from across the border not necessarily gravitating towards our projects.

Cross-cultural collaborations undoubtedly bring value through the exchange of creativity and expertise. By working at such high levels of collaboration, our artists gain invaluable insights into new techniques and production methods, enriching our own industry in the process.

However, amidst this exchange, it’s essential to uphold our national identity and pride. While celebrating our artists’ achievements, we must ensure they aren’t compromising their integrity or diluting our cultural essence on the international stage. Striking a delicate balance between appreciation and maintaining our integrity is key as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cross-cultural collaboration.


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