Box Office: ‘Motorcycle Girl’ has a bumpy ride on the opening weekend

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking site Box Office Detail. However, until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.

The biopic of Zenith Irfan, ‘Motorcycle Girl’, directed by Shah-famed Adnan Sarwar, failed to take a good start at the box office and received a lukewarm response on the opening weekend. It could not perform much better than its predecessor Shah, which was released on Independence Day three years ago on a  similar scale.

The Sohai Ali Abroo starer opened to gloomy 20 lac, which is even less than the opening of Shah. The film saw a minor increase on Saturday, which could not be sustained on Sunday. The three-day gross of the film tallied to 65 lac only, just 5 lac more than the opening weekend collections of Shah.

The breakdown of three-day collections of ‘Motorcycle Girl’ is as follows:

  • Day 1 (Friday): 20 lac
  • Day 2 (Saturday): 24 lac
  • Day 3 (Sunday): 21 lac
  • Total: 65 lac

Limited promotions and lack of buzz are two key factors behind the dismal box office performance of the film. Despite having strong social message and superior production quality, the film could not garner much public interest. Although women-centric films are less likely to be hits, but recent examples of Verna and Cake show that if such films are marketed properly then these can perform exceedingly well at the unpredictable box office.

We hope it will be another learning experience for the makers of biopics Shah and Motorcycle Girl.


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