Box Office: ‘Teefa In Trouble’ maintains the momentum and scores big in week two!

Teefa In Trouble has been re-writing box office rules ever since the film released two weeks back. The film, which released on July 20, first recorded the biggest day one ever for any film despite being a non-holiday release. Then it recorded the biggest non-holiday first week for any Pakistani film. Maintaining the momentum the film scored big numbers in week two and shows no signs of stopping at the box office.

Here are the numbers:

  • Friday (Day 1): 2.31 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2): 2.50 crore
  • Sunday (Day 3): 2.40 crore
  • Monday (Day 4): 1.34 crore
  • Tuesday (Day 5): 1.31 crore
  • Wednesday (Day 6): 0.52 crore
  • Thursday (Day 7): 0.95 crore
  •  (Week 1): 11.33 crore
  • Friday (Day 8): 1.03 crore
  • Saturday (Day 9): 1.57 crore
  • Sunday (Day 10): 1.61 crore
  • Monday (Day 11): 0.89 crore
  • Tuesday (Day 12): 0.84 crore
  • Wednesday (Day 13): 0.78 crore
  • Thursday (Day 14): 0.76 crore
  •  (Week 2): 7.48 crore
  • Total: 18.79cr

Moreover, the film has done decently on the international front and has collected about 8.22 crores which takes the total worldwide gross number to 27 crores!

With a couple of new releases this Friday and the hangover of Mission Impossible let’s see how much the film is able to add to its total tally in the coming days. But one thing has been proved that good content with right marketing will be well received whether its an Eid release or not, something that our Eid obsessed industry needed to understand.

We congratulate the makers on the success and hope the film holds well in the coming days.

All numbers used in this article have been taken from independent box office tracking site Box Office Detail and we cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers. However, until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.

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