‘Sorry’: Another ‘Cake’ in the making or just another glorified telefilm?

Before Cake came out earlier this year, we were a bit skeptical about its audience reception. We argued that Pakistani cinema is at a place where it needs more commercial films and less glorified telefilms. The number of people going to the cinemas has already reduced with the advent of streaming giants like Netflix and we need films that can provide a true cinematic experience, now more than ever.

But then Cake came out and won our hearts. Its success established that a strong and an engaging story-line can definitely compensate for the lack of a true cinematic experience. This was one of those rare instances where we genuinely enjoyed being proven wrong.

Following Cake’s suit, Faisal Qureshi – our resident Johnny Depp – has recently announced that he is joining hands with Sohail Javed for yet another romantic drama film titled Sorry: A Love Story. The film is expected to hit floors in early 2019. The cast includes some pretty big names such as Aamina Sheikh, Zahid Ahmed, Sony Hussayn and Faisal Qureshi himself. The film will be co-produced by Qureshi and Javed while the latter will also direct the film. The script is being written by Asma Nabeel, in collaboration with Sohail Javed himself. Asma Nabeel has written dramas like Khaani and films like Maan Jao Na.

Now that we have laid out the facts, let’s try and gauge their implication for the Pakistani film industry. The cast is inundated with names from the television industry. Asma Nabeel herself is known mostly for her television dramas while the co-producer aka Faisal Qureshi has spent his whole life working for the television industry. Here, the question arises; will Sorry (successfully) prove to be another Cake in the making or will it just be another glorified telefilm that needs to be on the television and not in the cinemas?

Here’s what I think:

Yes, Cake lacked item numbers, cinematic shots and just the general glitter and glamour a film requires but it compensated for the lack of a cinematic experience with its incredible story line, exceptional character development and stellar performances. Now when it comes my expectations for Sorry, I, for one, don’t think it will be able to fill Cake’s shoes or even emulate it successfully.

My reasons are simple.

Maan Jao Na was quintessentially predictable. It revolved around a girl named Rania who tried making her friends and family understand how she didn’t want to be tied down by marriage but eventually ended up getting married by caving in. The film had some great shots but a painfully predictable plot. So did the TV drama Khaani, unfortunately. In short, Asma Nabeel’s track record with scripts is predictable at best and that could be rather troublesome not only for the film (that sounds like a telefilm from what we know) but for the industry on the whole too. For now, I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Here’s hoping that Sorry¬†succeeds in playing its role in lending Pakistani cinema some much needed support and doesn’t end up becoming another glorified telefilm that fails at getting people out of their houses.

Cover Image Via: PUBLICITY