Wow: Sami Khan apparently has four films in the pipeline for next year

Sami Khan has been associated with Pakistani cinema and television industry for almost 14 years now. He made his Lollywood debut in 2004 with the film Salakhain and then moved to the television industry and stayed there for the most part. We all recognize him from dramas such as Tere Pehlu Main, Dil Se Dil Tak, Ghar ki Khatir etc. mainly because of their interminable plots. In the film department, on the other hand, Sami Khan has just one more film – titled Devar Bhabhi – to his name up until now.

However, it seems like things in Sami Khan’s life are taking a turn for he has been signed for not one, not two, not three (wait for it) but four films that are all set to release in 2019. Yes, I know, we are equally as surprised as you are.

The first of these four films (I still cannot get over the fact that he has been signed for four films all at once. What is this mysterious love potion that Sami Khan has made the directors drink? Guess it’s a mystery we will never be able to solve) is a romantic-comedy titled Wrong Number 2. The female actress against Sami Khan will be Neelum Muneer while the film will be directed by Yasir Nawaz.

The second film Sami Khan has been roped in for is Friday Film Studio’s Lufangay. The female actress opposite him is reported to be the incredibly talented Sonya Hussain and the film is all set to release next year.

Moving on to the third film – Kaaf Kangna – the film is being directed and produced by Kahlil Ur Rehman Qamar (who has recently been all over the news for bashing Urwa Hocane rather unnecessarily). It has been reported that Kaaf Kangna is being produced in collaboration with ISPR and will feature a cross border love story. 70 percent of the film has already been shot.

The fourth and the last film for Sami Khan (who knows there are more given he has got his hands on the mysterious love potion) is called Gumm: In the Middle of Nowhere. The film has already been shot and has made it to a number of international film festivals. It has also been nominated for two international film festivals; AAB Film Festival, India and CKF International Film Festival, UK. The film will have its cinema release in 2019, in Pakistan.

It is indeed a little surprising to see Sami Khan being signed for four films all at once especially after his prolonged absence from Pakistani cinema. We, however, wish him the very best and hope with all our hearts that his upcoming films will provide our cinema the much needed support.

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