Box Office: The Donkey King becomes the ultimate king with a record business of 18 crores

This year, Pakistani cinema has seen two successful animated movies; Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and The Donkey King. Both of them have done exceptionally well on the Box Office which is an indication of the fact that not only our cinema is diversifying, our audiences’ preferences are diversifying too, at the same time. The Donkey King’s insane success is the living testimony to it.

The Donkey King, a Pakistani animated comedy film, was released on October 12, 2018, under the banner of GEO films. The film is directed by Aziz Jindani and features the voices of some of the most versatile actors in the industry including Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohyuddin, Javed Sheikh, Ismail Tara, and Jan Rambo. The film opened to jam-packed cinemas and recorded the biggest opening in Pakistan for any animated film, till date.

The Donkey King had already hit 1 crore mark by the end of the second day of its release which is, beyond any doubt, quite an achievement for a Pakistani film, that too animated. Its grand first week total was about 4 crores followed by a whooping 5.1 crores in its second week which roughly added to 9 crores. The film had earned 14.15 crores by the end of the third week. The story, fortunately, doesn’t end here. The Donkey King maintained its numbers even after the nationwide protests and emerged with a number of 16 crores, by the end of four weeks.

The movie is currently in its 5th week. It recently hit the 18 crore mark, last weekend (that’d be its 5th weekend in the cinemas).

Here is the complete breakdown of the film, according to the latest records:

Week One: 4cr

Week Two: 5.1cr

Week Three: 5.05cr

Week Four: 2.55cr

5th Weekend: 1.3cr approximately

Grand Total:  18cr

The film is expected to hit 20 crores by the end of 6th week, despite the mega release of Thugs of Hindostan in the Pakistani cinemas.

Here’s congratulating the makers on this remarkable feat.

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these box office numbers given by independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan However, until we have some official box-office tracking system in Pakistan this is all we have got. The numbers are also revised at times and hence you may observe fluctuations.