Trailer for the new psychological thriller ‘Durj’ has us on our toes

The teaser for Shamoon Abbasi’s directorial debut ‘Durj’ came out back in May. It showed a bald Sherry Shah who is said to have put on 40 kgs for this role and a hardy recognizable Shamoon Abaasi, interspersed with intense feels of a psychological thriller. We were intrigued, to say the least. The film’s first trailer finally came out last night and it, beyond any doubt, has us all captivated.

The trailer opens with an acknowledgement that states that the film is based on an actual series of events that took place, right here in Pakistan. From what I have gathered from the trailer, there is a woman whose husband has gone missing, there is a couple; Shamoon Abbasi and Sherry Shah who are involved in a killing spree of sorts. There’s armed forces running around, trying to uncover something (God knows what) and there’s also Shamoon Abbasi being tortured in what looks like a jail cell. There is lots of blood, broken skulls and fresh dead bodies. According to Shamoon Abbasi, the film is based on some of the most gruesome and horrifying crimes committed in the history of Pakistan. Now is it about cannibalism or just a mass murderer, only time can tell. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie to come out to find out what the trailer actually entails.

Keeping the disjointed trailer aside, the film definitely looks intriguing and dark; something that has not really been tried or played in our cinemas before. The trailer had us on our toes throughout the entirety of its duration.

The film has been written and directed by Shamoon Abbasi. It is produced by Majid Khan and co-produced by Sherry Shah herself who also has a part to play in coming up with the film’s concept, along with Shamoon Abbasi. The cast includes a diverse list of actors such as Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Myra Khan, Nouman Javaid, Majid aka Dodi Khan, Imran Rizvi, and Hafeez Ali. The music of the film is directed by Asif Noorani.

Here’s to wishing Shamoon Abbasi and the entire team of ‘Durj’ the best of luck! We cannot for the movie to come out next year.

 Here’s the full trailer: