Why did Zara Noor Abbas choose a supporting role for her debut film?

Zara Noor Abbas, one of the most loved Pakistani TV actresses, had us all captivated this past year with her adorable shadi shenanigans with Asad Siddiqui and her brilliant acting in Khamoshi as Arsala. She will now also be seen on silver screen for the first time in 2019 in Asim Raza’s Parey Hut Love with Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar as the lead roles. Zara Noor Abbas’ debut on the big screen, however, raises a few questions. The most important of them being; why would someone like Zara, who has some of the most brilliant dramas to her name including Khamoshi, Dharkan and Lamhe, want to start off in the film industry with a film where she doesn’t even have the lead role when she can definitely bag one?

We, at Galaxy Lollywood, therefore, talked to Zara Noor Abbas herself to find out her reasons for taking this role. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was offered the main role in Teefa in Trouble back in the day but I had some family commitments that I could not get out of so I never made it to the audition. I was then offered a supporting role in Maula Jutt too but I refused it because I actually did not want a supporting role. Time went by and on the day of my Nikkah, I was approached by Asim Raza for a commercial but since I was busy with my wedding, I couldn’t do that either,” Zara revelead while talking to Galaxy Lollywood. 

“Asim and I, however, stayed in touch even after that. One day, we were talking and Asim asked if I would like to do a film with him, even if I don’t get the main role. I said yes but on the condition that the script should be great,” Zara further added.

“The thing is we hardly have four to five people in total who make good film content in Pakistan and if the ‘dad’ of the film content calls you up himself, why would you say no? Why would you put your ego ahead of you and not accept the role even if it’s small? How can I even expect to climb the Mount Everest in one day?” continued Zara.

Towards the end, Zara mentioned how it’s an egotistical thing, for her personally, to expect to only get lead roles, based on her background. “Names like Mahira and Maya have been here before me, they’ve invested way more than I have. Just because I have a silver spoon and just because I am Asma Abbas’ daughter and Bushra Ansari’s niece, doesn’t mean I should just get the lead roles. I think you, as an actor, should just focus on putting in all your efforts into whatever role you have and outshining it to an extent that people always remember you. Starting my film career with Asim Raza was a pretty good deal for me and I have learnt so much about the film industry on the whole through it.”

Zara’s response is, beyond any doubt, dignity personified. Here’s wishing Zara Noor Abbas and the entire team of Parey Hut Love the best of luck!