Sarmad Khoosat is all set to redefine Punjabi cinema with a new film

Cinema is said to have no boundaries and rightfully so. When it comes to Pakistani films, we have lately seen a number of genres being tried (fortunately) including animation, psychological thrillers, family dramas etc. What, however, seems to be missing from the contemporary mainstream cinema are the Punjabi films. Punjabi films have seen the pinnacle of their success in the past. Not too long ago, they would constantly be running at cinema houses across the country. Then came about the revival of Pakistani cinema that slowly and subtly skipped out on Punjabi films. No new Punjabi films have come out lately, not even on Eids.

It is, therefore, high time that we incorporate Punjabi content back into our mainstream cinema. The ever talented Sarmad Khoosat, assessing the need for the same subtly revealed through his social media recently that an ‘untitled’ Punjabi film is on its way to Pakistani cinemas. The news is, indeed, uber exciting to say the least mainly because Sarmad Khoosat’s unique style of narration is expected to give Punjabi cinema the much needed support that honestly no one else in the industry currently has the potential to.

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The Manto actor shared exclusive photos of his next ‘untitled’ project on his Instagram a few days back. However, he was clever enough to deliberately hide the working title of the film. Mr. Khoosat, you really do know how to spark curiosity, don’t you?

While talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Sarmad Khoosat told that the plot of the film has come straight from his heart. “Being a local of the city Lahore, I can relate to the subject of the film in a purely raw way. The reason the film is going to be in Punjabi is because it is set in Lahore and Punjabi is the only language that will encapsulate the story rooted in this city and its culture. I feel like the aura, the authenticity and the dialect of Lahore have not been embedded on screen yet.”

According to Khoosat, as the plot and characters are based in Lahore, the city will be depicted as a mini world of extravagance and grandeur. The film is all set to be the first production under Khoosat Films. It stars some remarkable names including Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleiman, Ali Kureishi and Arif Hasan. The script has been written by Sarmad himself, while the screenplay is done by Nirmal Bano. Sarmad’s sister Kanwal Khoosat will be producing the film.

In the recent years, Lollywood has come out with a number of non-commercial films that have fared considerably well on the box office. Times are changing and it looks like parallel cinema might just become a thing in Pakistan soon. Keeping our fingers crossed, in the meanwhile!

Galaxy Lollywood wishes Sarmad Khoosat and the entire team the best of luck!