Feroze Khan talks about life, early marriage and his relationship with Sajal Aly

Feroze Khan, the VJ turned actor, who has stolen the hearts of millions of his fans on account of his good looks and emotionally driven characters, recently sat down with the entertainment writer – Fifi Haroon for a candid interview. Feroze talked about life in general, his religious inclinations, his marriage to wife Alizey, his characters and his relationship with Sajal Aly, in what feels like one of the most comfortable interviews of his career.

First and foremost, upon being asked about his entry to the world of television, Feroze talked about how for the longest time, people would criticize him for being able to get  opportunities in the industry so conveniently only because he was Humaima’s brother.

“The thing is I do my work very religiously. Mujhe apna kam halal karna hota hai. When I was offered Khaani, I knew it was a do or die situation. It was an opportunity to prove myself and to establish myself as an actor. I promised myself that I’d give it my best but if it still didn’t work out for me, I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time anymore,” told Feroze Khan.

Feroze also talked about how his real life personality resembles his character Mir Haadi in Khaani, “it was an emotionally driven character. I am the same in real life too. I get angry real quick but I also love with the same intensity. I apologize and repent with the same gusto too.”

While talking about his relationship with co-star Sana Javed, Feroze had nothing but good things to say. “Our characters in Khaani were the exact opposites of each other. We both were so engrossed in our characters that our on screen hostility translated into real life as well. It stuck around even when we were working on Dino ki Dulhaniya but by the time we started working on Romeo Weds Heer, we were on pretty great terms,” revealed Feroze.

The most adorable part of the interview, however, was when Feroze talked about his early marriage and his relationship with wife Alizey. “I have told Alizey everything about my past. She has accepted me with everything. When I met her, I was really impressed by her simplicity and her outlook towards life. She is very contented and happy with whatever she has. She is very understanding and makes me want to be a better man for her. I am very happy and satisfied with my life right now. Marriage suits me, it has made my life very organized and I couldn’t have done it alone,” added Feroze Khan.

He also admitted to having a lot of romantic involvements before his marriage to Alizey. Feroze further added that he wouldn’t hide anything because he likes to be real about things in life. At the same time, he also opened up about his increased inclination towards Islam. Feroze, however, also mentioned that no matter how religious he gets, he doesn’t want to quit acting. “I have told Allah that I like the work that I do and I would like to keep doing it,” told Feroze Khan, rather adorably.

Towards the end, Fifi Haroon asked about how he feels about Sajal’s performance in the upcoming drama Aangan and if he misses her, which led to a light banter between the two regarding the nature of her question. “Sajal has genuinely blown me away with her acting, dialogue delivery and expressions in Aangan‘s teaser. We were and still are great friends. I’ll call her if I ever miss her, there’s absolutely no issue.”

We, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Here is the link to the whole thing. Enjoy!