Mansha Pasha talks about her new film ‘Laal Kabootar’ and its interesting genre

Pakistani cinema has lately been experimenting with different genres. Donkey King’s success is just one example. From where thing are right now, it looks like we might just be venturing into parallel cinema real soon. It is, indeed, a breath of fresh air to see films being used as a medium for telling stories rather than just being there for the sole purposes of entertainment. Amidst all of this, another new film Laal Kabootar starring Mansha Pasha is on its way to Pakistani cinemas. The film aims to be an action packed ‘suspense crime thriller’ and is expected to redefine Pakistani cinema by tapping into a new genre (keeping our fingers crossed). It is the first production of ‘Nehr Ghar’ – a production house owned by two young Harvard graduates, Kamil Chima and Hania Chima. The star cast includes Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Ali Kazmi, Saleem Mairaj and Rashid Faroqui.

We, at Galaxy Lollywood, recently talked to Mansha Pasha about her character and all things Laal Kabootar.

“I am playing the female lead protagonist (Aliya Malik) who has a bitter past; she goes through various challenges in her life, eventually puts up a tough fight and takes revenge from the culprits. The film is set in Karachi while the city is depicted in a colossally authentic way. Unlike Lollywood, where story telling is quite formulaic, Lal Kabootar unfolds its core narrative quite interestingly. The performances will keep you glued to your seats until the end. It’s a genre that men in particular will really enjoy as it has all the elements of crime, mystery and suspense,” said Mansha Pasha.

Lal Kabootar

“I had a great time shooting for it. All the actors have outdone themselves. Needless to say, this is such a good time to be a part of Pakistani cinema, where young and educated filmmakers are coming up with unique ideas and surprisingly, the investors are ready to invest in such films too,” Mansha further added.

Lal Kabootar

While talking about film’s cinematography, Mansha Pasha said, “one of the biggest strengths of the film is its cinematography. Mo Azmi, being the brilliant cinematographer that he is, has done a stellar job in highlighting the essential elements of Karachi in a never seen avatar before, with his mindful use of lighting.” Azmi’s work has been widely applauded in Cake earlier.

We wish the entire team of Laal Kabootar the best of luck. It releases in March, 2019.