Is the upcoming drama Noor Bibi based on Bushra Maneka?

The pictures from the sets of the upcoming drama serial Noor Bibi┬áhave our audience in hysterics, mainly because it is supposed to be a political thriller and Resham – who is also playing the lead role of Noor Bibi – is seen as a burqa clad woman. The viewers, therefore, put two and two together which resulted in speculations on how Resham’s role might just be based on our first lady, Bushra Maneka because a) the drama revolves around politics and b) Resham’s attire has an uncanny resemblance to what Bushra Maneka is seen wearing, most of the time. We talked to Resham herself to find out more about the character and if her role is, indeed, based on Bushra Maneka. Here’s what Resham had to say:

“A lot of people have been asking the same question after looking at my attire. Yes, I am playing the role of a peerni but my character is absolutely not based on Bushra Maneka. I shall not reveal any details as such about the story line at this point but it is a very negative role that I have put a lot of energy in. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it. I would, once again, like to reiterate that the character is not based on Bushra Maneka. Although, I get why people would think that,” said Resham while talking to Galaxy Lollywood.

“It has a complicated story line but people will really enjoy watching it. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I know Bushra Maneka’s attire is currently under a lot of discussion but millions of women in Pakistan wear Abaya all the time so my attire doesn’t mean it has anything to do with our first lady. This get up was the demand of my character so I had to adopt it. That’s all that there is to it,” Resham further added.

Aside from Resham as the lead character, the drama serial also stars names like Ali Abbas and Sanam Chaudhry in a romantic pairing, while some other names include Usman Peerzada, Saniya Shamshad, Gohar Rasheed and Zaib Chaudhry.

Here’s wishing Resham and the entire cast and crew of Noor Bibi the best of luck! We cannot wait to see how it turns out.