Teefa In Trouble Gets Netflix Release, but Pakistanis Have to Wait

Teefa In Trouble Netflix

After completing its blockbuster run in Pakistani cinemas, the Ali Zafar and Maya Ali starrer, Teefa In Trouble, was recently recalled at select screens on the popular demand. So, while the Pakistanis may still have the chance to catch the film on the big screen, the good news for those outside Pakistan is that they can now watch Teefa In Trouble at Netflix.

Raking in over 40 crores globally, and still refusing to settle down, Teefa in Trouble has made headlines both, locally and internationally. Therefore, once its international run was over, it was only a matter of time when the superhit film would make a global platform like Netflix its home. And that has now happened.

Not on Netflix Pakistan

Announcing it on their official Facebook account, ‘Lightingale Productions’ – the house behind the film, revealed that the Netflix subscribers can now enjoy the film all around the world, including India, except for China and Pakistan.

Since Netflix is not officially available in China due to the laws of the land, that’s easily understandable. For Pakistan, however, although there is no doubt that the film would be ultimately available on the online media service provider, it is possible that they are holding it back for the time being so that they can completely exhaust other avenues.

Fans in India, however, will undoubtedly rejoice as the film couldn’t have a theatrical release there due to the political tensions.

Teefa In Trouble: A Box-Office Success

Teefa in Trouble was indeed a breath of fresh air and a much-needed hit after a series of duds at the box office. Apart from Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, who made their Lollywood debuts, actors Mehmood Aslam, Asma Abbas, Faisal Qureshi, and Jawed Sheikh also featured in prominent roles.

The star cast, the exceptional treatment of the plot, and the super-catchy songs made the film a resounding success in its four-month run at the box office. The film continues to set cash registers ringing. The positive reviews to Teefa and Trouble and the word-of-mouth have also played an integral role in this success.

The critics, as well as the audience, were awestruck by the outstanding performances and the unique content of the film. With the perfect blend of action, comedy, and emotions, the film had everything a moviegoer wants, and it can now all be enjoyed on the Netflix too.