Pinky Memsaab premiered last night and here are the first reactions

Pinky memsaab premiere

Christmas has come early this December, for Dubai-based director, writer, and producer, Shazia Ali Khan brings us the highly awaited independent feature film, Pinky Memsaab. Portraying the life, its complexities, and its up and downs for a few interesting characters living in Dubai, the film premiered last night in Karachi and releases all across Pakistan today (7 December).

While there is still time before the public starts announcing its verdict on the film, reactions have started pouring in from those who caught it at its premiere. We bring you here some of those early comments.

Nabeel Qureshi

The Na Maloom Afraad and Actor In Law director, Nabeel Qureshi, watched the film and appreciated “most” performances in it. He declared that the film has its heart at the right place, and wished well for the people behind it.

‘The heart at the right place’ has been a common one in some other reactions too.

Azfar Jafri

While Nabeel Qureshi may have liked the performances by “most” in the cast, the director of Janaan and Parchi, Azfar Jafri, was all praises for the entire cast. His verdict: Beautiful film.


More Reactions

Some other people present at the premiere last night had similar comments about the film. The senior anchor and journalist Uzma Al Karim, for instance, said that the film “is a treat,” but added that one needs to have the taste to enjoy it.

The general opinion so far has been that the film is beautiful and has good performances, but for good or bad, it’s not an outright commercial venture. Also, the length of the film seems to be an issue for some too.

The performances in the movie seem to stand out for most who have watched the film so far.

Our Verdict

While our official review for the film comes out really soon, from the looks of it, the film seems not too bad. There is no doubt that the film would have its fair share of entertainment quotient, but if you are planning on watching it soon, we say don’t expect any larger than life experience.


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