3 Pakistani vloggers who may soon be making films

Pakistani Vloggers

Pakistan has had a love-hate relationship with YouTube. In 2012, it was banned for three and a half years before it eventually got unblocked in early 2016. Later that year, a local version of the website; youtube.com.pk, was launched and the whole country was thrilled. Any Pakistani could now have their YouTube channel and earn from it.

Since then, the progress, in terms of content production, may have been slower than expected, it is, nonetheless, there. In recent years, Pakistani YouTube has witnessed a mounting Vlogging scene with some vloggers like Irfan Junejo, Mooroo, Bilal Khan, Ukhano, etc. producing quality content

Given their current success, and the remarkable distinction in terms of their storytelling and cinematography, their content and talent can definitely translate into some great films. Here’s hoping we get to see the following Pakistani Vloggers delve into film-making, real soon.

1. Irfan Junejo

With an insane following and 500k plus subscribers, Irfan Junejo has established himself as one of the most accomplished vloggers of the country.

Back in the day when Snapchat was a thing, Junejo would put up stories of his day and its happenings on it. His friends began appreciating him for his storytelling, and this eventually led him to set up his own YouTube account and reach where he is today.

It’s Junejo’s simplicity and the ability just to be himself that set him apart. He shares his routine with people, without any embellishments and that’s precisely what connects him and his content to ordinary people like you and I. His tour guides to Naran, Khuzdaar, Gawadar, etc. are manifestations of the filmmaking germs that he clearly harbors inside of him.

Moreover, Junejo himself aspires to be a filmmaker. In one of his interviews, he stated that he is inspired by Jami – of Moor’s fame – and wants to be a filmmaker just like him one day. He also said that he would like to make a gangster film in Karachi. We cannot wait.

2. Mooroo

Mooroo, as a vlogger, storyteller, and filmmaker, operates on another dimension altogether. His videos, including his web-series ‘Sayay,’ are brilliantly executed and edited.

He can sing, act, direct, rant, talk, fart in planes, and basically do everything he would need to make a film. The cherry on the top, he is versatile horizontally and vertically. He will play several roles within a video and be good at all of them. Talent, right there!

His humor is slightly unconventional yet brilliant, and his satire hits bullseye too. All in all, he is a complete entertainer and we, for one, cannot wait for him to direct (also act and sing in it) a full-length feature film. Now that would be a treat to watch. You can check out his work here.

Mooroo has also done cameos in multiple films including Chalay Thay Saath, and Man Jao Na. His song ‘Maryam‘ was also featured in Chalay Thay Saath.

3. Ukhano

Umar Khan aka Ukhano graduated from National College of Arts (NCA). He currently runs his own channel on YouTube and is a full-time photographer, vlogger, and content creator.

Ukhano’s vlogs are usually focused on bringing forth the positive side of the country, be it through the exceptional landscapes he captures or through his nonchalant; and laced with humor, storytelling on his social media.

Ukhano is good looking (sorry, we can be a little shallow sometimes), has a great sense of humor, and knows how to capture beautiful shots. We wouldn’t mind him entering Lollywood soon, be it in the role of a director, or actor.

Keeping our fingers crossed.