5 winter wardrobes of our female celebrities we so want to steal

winter wardrobes female celebrities

Cold is in the air, winter is progressing, and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to get out of the bed and dress up! But hey, they say wearing a good outfit can elevate the mood and how true is it!

So, here are a few of our favorite outfits adorned by some of our female celebrities that we really want to steal!

Ayeza Khan


Denim jackets are all the rage whether it is summers or winters. We love how Ayeza keeps the girly element with her flowery denim jacket by adding a pink pop of colour. Also, the sunglasses add a perfect touch to the whole look in keeping the winter sun away!

Aiman Khan


A long coat is such a great piece to invest in because a high-quality one would last you for years and years to come. Here, we love how Aiman takes the classic approach of styling her checkered long coat with leather brown boots.

Also, long coats are essential for winter layering, keeping one warm yet giving off a perfect, stylish look.

Maya Ali


It’s all about going simple this winter with neutral tones. Maya’s outfit for a night out is the perfect blend between formal and casual. One can hardly go wrong with a plain black shirt, pair them with brown suede pants, add in heels, and you are good to go for a formal outing. To dress down, exchange the heels with pumps and u have a casual look.

Zara Noor Abbas


This beauty is fast evolving on the fashion front and we are all here for it!! If your winter wardrobe does not have a leather jacket, then you need to get one asap! A perfect way to wear a leather jacket is with a plain shirt, black or blue jeans, and sneakers. Comfort and style all in one!

Iqra Aziz


A go-to winter coat – the parka coat is a must-have in every wardrobe, especially if you live in a really cold place. Lined with fur, it keeps the neck warm and gives a very chic look. Also, binding the look together with a bright red sweater is a great decision!

So, there you have it, our top 5 winter wardrobe steals. Let us know your favourite items to wear in the winters!

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