Exploring The Heartfelt Bond Between Father-Son Duo In ‘Burns Road Ke Romeo Juliet’

ARY Digital’s latest offering, ‘Burns Road Ke Romeo Juliet’, has been making waves. Directed by Fajar Raza and written by Parisa Siddiqui, the drama has captured the attention of audiences not just for its romantic plotline, but for the rich tapestry of relationships it portrays.

With six episodes already aired, viewers have been drawn into the lives of the characters, particularly the complex dynamic between Farhad — played by Hamza Sohail — and his father Karim Bakhsh, brought to life by Shabbir Jan. Despite their frequent disagreements, it’s the moments of heartfelt connection between father and son that truly resonate with audiences.

Humour amid crisis: Farhad’s accident and Karim’s reaction

In the debut episode, we got a glimpse of Karim Bakhsh’s, softer side beneath his tough father aura. The moment when he heard about Farhad’s accident, Karim didn’t hesitate to drop everything and rush to his son’s side, showing just how much he cares about Farhad shone through in a lighthearted exchange with his nephew at the hospital. With a touch of humour, Karim’s affectionate inquiry, Hadiyan Wadiyan Sab Salamat Haina Iski? brought both laughter and warmth to the scene, endearing him to viewers in an unexpected way.

A rickshaw ride to remember: Farhad rests on Karim’s shoulder

Viewers were in for a surprise in Episode 3 when they witnessed a heartwarming exchange between the father-son duo, Karim and Farhad. Despite their ideological differences, the episode showcased a rare display of affection as Farhad, exhausted from catering services, drifted off to sleep on his father’s shoulder during a rickshaw ride. The tender gaze of Karim on Farhad’s face – while he was sleeping, conveyed a depth of emotion that reminded us of the enduring bond between parent and child, transcending any disagreements.

Karim Bakhsh as guardian angel: a send-off for Farhad

In Episode 4, there’s this scene where Karim checks in on Farhad, casually asking him where he’s off to. As Farhad heads out, Karim sends him off with a typical desi parent move, reciting a prayer for his safety, and entrusting him to Allah’s protection, it was an adorable gesture and we all agreed with that.

As the drama unfolds, we’ve witnessed Karim and Farhad’s clashes and disagreements, but the real question remains: will they put aside their differences and stand by each other when it matters most? Especially, will Karim who has been portrayed as a strict father, support Farhad in matters of the heart? Only time will tell if their bond can withstand the tests ahead.


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