Mohsin Abbas Haider’s account hacked and private content leaked online!

Mohsin Abbas Haider Account Hacked

Celebrity accounts getting compromised and private information being made public is something that has been happening worldwide for quite some time. These security breaches have resulted in confidential material, including private pictures, among others, to be circulated online.

One such mass attack happened in 2014 where the “Celebgate” incident saw a collection of about 500 intimate photos of Hollywood celebrities make their way online.

Pakistan, too, has had its fair share of such controversies where in the past, celebrities like Saba Qamar, Meera, and Mathira have had their private content uploaded online. Joining this list now is the television host and actor, Mohsin Abbas Haider, who is the latest victim of a security breach where his social media account got hacked.


Mohsin took to his Instagram and shared via a post, which has now been deleted, that somebody hacked his personal data and is using it to bother him and his wife. He also requested his followers to report the account.

Reported to FIA

We called up Mohsin and he informed us that he has complained to the relevant authorities and that FIA is proceeding forward with his complaint. He, however, added that he is still waiting for some action from the cyber crime wing.

One thing this incident shows is that nobody is completely secure online and such invasions of privacy are one of the by-products of technological advancement. We hope that the culprit is caught and justice is served.

On the professional front, Mohsin is currently appearing on Mazaaq Raat and is also a part of Saqib Malik’s ‘Baaji,‘ which is coming out this year.

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