Fahad Mustafa says adios to films. But relax, it’s for 2019 only

Fahad Mustafa films 2019

Fahad Mustafa is basking in the success of his film career these days. He had two major releases in 2018, Load Wedding and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, and while the former was only a mild success in terms of business, the latter went on to become the highest grosser of the country. Load Wedding, however, was recently nominated as the “Best Feature Film” by the Jaipur Film Festival in India.

The bad news is that the star actor doesn’t have a single release in 2019.

Talking to Something Haute, Fahad spilled beans about his upcoming projects and revealed that he would be taking a break from films this year.

“It’s been a hectic schedule, so I thought of taking a break from films. I am looking forward to invest myself into my TV productions and ‘Jeeto Pakistan’. I am busy playing cricket these days,” said Fahad laughingly in the interview.

He also revealed that Nabeel Qureshi and he have mutually agreed on some ideas, but added that since he is busy with his TV show Jeeto Pakistan’s Punjab tour these days, he remains undecided of films as of now.

The good news, however, is that it is only a temporary break and that he will start shooting for an untitled film in November 2019. The film will then obviously be eyeing for 2020 release.


Fahad has been actively producing TV serials under his banner, “Big Bang Entertainment.” His current production, Balaa, has been received well, and the upcoming Saba Qamar starrer, Cheekh, is also one of the highly awaited projects.

It is pertinent to mention here that back in 2017, Fahad also announced that he will be producing three films under his banner. No progress has so far been seen on that front though.

Nabeel Moves on Too

While all the films directed by Nabeel Qureshi have had Fahad in the lead role, in a recent interview to Galaxy Lollywood, the director revealed that he has a project in the pipeline for this year.

Since Fahad is taking a break from films this year, this means that at least he wouldn’t be part of Nabeel’s next.

Well, we believe a fresh face on Nabeel’s canvass would be a good change and although Fahad’s fans will be disappointed, they always have Jeeto Pakistan to catch the glimpse of their favourite star.