Freaking News: Sajid Hassan replaces Saba Hamid for the mother’s role in ‘Kaaf Kangana’

Sajid Hassan Kaaf Kangana

Ever since the seasoned playwright, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar announced his directorial debut, Kaaf Kangana, he has been in deep water over assembling its cast. This has especially been the case with the casting of the opposite gender in the film. From changing the female lead a few times to the ouster of senior female actors, the process of casting women has been a nightmare for Khalil Sahib.

The back to back setbacks even led him to a meltdown in an online interview, where he shared the “khofnaak-tareen” experience of working with one of his former leading ladies (tip: grab a tissue before watching this sobfest).

Sajid Hassan, the Saviour

It seems, however, that his casting woes have come to an end for now, as the senior actor, Sajid Hassan joins the cast of the film. In place of a mother’s role!

The veteran actor is filling up the position left by Saba Hamid who, reportedly, opted out of the project due to some unknown reasons. This is especially good news, considering Resham, too, had recently excused herself from the project. She was supposed to do one of the roles in the film but opted out of it due to date conflicts, or perhaps, some ‘other’ issues (who knows for sure!).

With Sajid Hassan on board, it seems the embattled writer-director has saved himself from going on another Lexotanil spree caused by a woman. The ominous cycle of saat din is definitely not back any time soon!

No Woman Good Enough

Khalil Sahib makes this radical decision after giving the film’s casting history a long consideration and coming to the conclusion that no middle-aged woman; or any woman for that matter, can cope up with him (and his tantrums). Therefore, it was only logical and wise to cast a man in place of a mother’s character.

He believes that this landmark feat is not only unprecedented in the world of cinema but is also completely aligned with the ideology of male privilege (and its misuse). With this, he wants to reiterate to the world that there is nothing a man can’t do or get in life; even if it is winning a woman’s heart after stalking, intimidating, physically abusing, and cheating on her – no, I am not narrating his script of Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

A Well-Thought-Out Decision

Khalil Sahib, who is also a fatherly figure to his former heroine, Urwa Hocane (or, at least, that’s how she thinks of him), offered this role to Sajid Hassan considering multiple factors.

First of all, Sajid Hassan is a man. Secondly, he is not a renowned heroine; which was a big factor as Khalil Sahib had vowed never to work with one again. And lastly; also thankfully, he is not the wife of his friend Farhan Saeed (who sometimes makes him take emotional decisions).

Besides, Hassan did not try to evoke in him the deep sense of mercy by ‘absolutely’ begging for the role (Note to readers: please watch that video interview of his). In fact, this selection was made with an absolute business-like approach, involving no theatrics at all.

Kaaf Kangana is touted as an intense romance drama (the drama behind the scene being a significant evidence of it). The currently retained cast of the film includes Sami Khan, Ayesha Omer (the longest surviving lady of the cast), and the model-turned-actor Eshal Fayyaz, who seems to be a capable replacement for Sohai Ali Abroo and Urwa Hocane, for, probably, being a newcomer.

The film is expected to release; provided it faces no more bummers (or women), later this year.

We wish all the best to Saba, Resham, Sohai, and Urwa! Okay, and to Farhan as well.

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire.