Actor Moammar Rana enters politics, joins Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)

moammar rana ppp

Veteran film and television actor, Moammar Rana, of Choorian and Azaadi fame, formally entered politics just a day ago. He announced to join the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and it was reported that the decision was made after Rana had a meeting with the party chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, on Sunday.

The 44-year-old actor has appeared in a colossal number of Lollywood films, and two Bollywood films as well. He has also worked in a number of soap operas and television serials. Rana belongs to a family of cricketers through and through but chose to work as a film actor. His decision of joining politics, therefore, doesn’t come as a big surprise.

According to Moammar Rana, “PPP was the only party that believed in the promotion of culture and that the youth considered Bilawal as the only ray of hope that could take the country on the path of progress.” To each their own, I guess.

Is It Because of Failing Film Career?

Amidst all of this, one TV anchor went as far as to enlist his flop films as a probable reason for him entering politics. But hello, his latest film Azaadi; despite all the unfavorable reviews it got, actually did fairly well for itself at the Box Office.

For now, we don’t know what Rana’s political career has in store for him (and us). What we are sure of, however, is the fact that he is also making his directorial debut with the upcoming action thriller, Sikandar.

Honestly, we are not so sure about that either. The film has been in the making for more than four years. Even a trailer came out back in 2016, but there has been absolutely no progress to be heard of ever since. Moammar plays the lead role in the film.

Here’s wishing Moammar Rana an illustrious political career, laced with the ‘promotion of culture’ and all things similar.