“Badmashi Not Allowed!” Tells Sarwar Bhatti’s lawyer to Bilal Lashari & Co.

Hassan Niazi Bilal Lashari

In the never-ending series of controversies surrounding Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jatt,” Sarwar Bhatti throws his card this time. The producer of original Maula Jatt, Bhatti has lawyered up and obtained a restraining order against Bilal Lashari.

The development came to light when his lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets with legal documents. The documents included a ‘Certificate of Registration of Copyright” and the “Certificate of Registration of Trademark,” both issued by Intellectual Property Organisation and both declaring Sarwar Bhatti, the true copyright and trademark owner of “Mola Jatt.”

No Badmashi

The documents are a win for Sarwar Bhatti and do strengthen his claims against Bilal Lashri, at least for the moment. But what’s more interesting in the tweet was the strong message his lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, had for the camp Lashari after winning this round of the battle.

He appealed his followers to retweet his tweet so that the “Mafia” gets the message. He said, “only Sarwar sb has right over the movie HE HIMSELF MADE,” whereas Bilal Lashari tried to steal that right by force. He also announced that the court has issued a restraining order against Bilal Lashari.

But this is not it. A few hours later, Niazi posted another tweet, in which he declared that he was now representing Sarwar Bhatti in this legal battle, and will make sure that the court takes action against Bilal Lashari’s trademark infringement. He said it was “high time parameters are set on copyrights.”

Calling out Bilal Lashari, Niazi in his tweet further wrote, “How dare you release the trailer. Badmaashi not allowed.”

Annoyed Vasay Chaudhry

While the tweet would annoy the makers of the Legend of Maula Jatt for obvious reasonsone person who has no link with the matter but still got bothered was our JPNA star, Vasay Chaudhry. But it isn’t about what you are probably thinking.

Vasay was actually tagged amongst the host of other industry people on the tweet by Niazi, and it irked the actor since he has no relation with the issue. Hassaan Niazi, the Sarwar Bhatti lawyer and nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan, however, thinks otherwise. Below is how he responded to Vasay.

The Silence

When the entire matter came to our knowledge, we tried reaching both, Hassaan Niazi and the producer of the Bilal Lashari film, Ammara Hikmat, for further comments on the matter. Both, however, remain irresponsive to our queries as of now.

A response, at least from the other side, is certain though. If not on media or social media, then in the courts for sure. Till then, stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood as we keep track of all the developments on the story.

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