Ushna Shah and Omayr Waqar got into a nasty Instagram feud last night

ushna shah Omayr Waqar fight

Ushna Shah – the Pakistani television and film actress – got into a rather ugly feud with the hairstyle and make up artist Omayr Waqar, on Instagram last night. The fight got a little out of hand, things were said, and harsh words were exchanged. Here’s a summary of everything that happened.

So, Omayr Waqar, exercising his right to free speech, went on an Instagram rant about how the stray dogs in Karachi needed to be removed from the streets because no one is willing to treat them and that un-treated dogs are ‘harmful’.

Yes, the word choice could have been improved and the whole thing could have been conveyed in a more subtle way but the response it received from none other than Ushna Shah sounded rather personal, which was totally uncalled for.

Calling out someone on their opinion that you don’t agree with is one thing but making personal attacks to prove a point is just not in great taste. Case in point: Ushna mocking Omayr Waqar on his ‘social climbing’ skills etc. It killed the whole purpose of having a healthy debate.

Omayr Waqar was quick to respond (personal attacks, episode 2).

Omayr also attached a few tweets from Ushna’s twitter where she has been rather abrasive with her fans who didn’t like one of her dramas.

I did some quick research and was able to find the afore-mentioned tweets and the responses do bank on disrespect.

Exhibit B

Anyway, Ushna didn’t respond to any of Omayr’s later snaps and went silent. Omayr, however, did clarify in one of the comments that he never asked for the dogs to be killed or eliminated.

He only asked them to be removed because he was bitten by an untreated one and well, by implication, he thinks untreated dogs should not be roaming around in the streets of Karachi.

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