Mubasher Lucman lists Feroze and Aiman among the worst actors of 2018!

Mubasher Lucman best worst 2018

Channel hopping, controversial, current affairs journalist, Mubasher Lucman is back to doing what he does best: attracting attention via sensationalism. The anchor aired his 2019 edition of the year in review episode titled ‘Meri Nazar Main,’ where he recapped the year and presented his infamous Best and Worst from the last 365 days. 

The lists are kind of hilarious, but then its Mubasher Lucman guys, what did you expect?

Anyhow, in its fourth year now, ‘Meri Nazar Main’ is a yearly special where Mubasher Lucman reviews the year and shares his best and worst. The first edition aired in 2016 but it was not until 2017 that the anchor included entertainment categories such as Best and Flop Actor, and provided us with entertainment that these lists offer. So without much ado, here are the juicy highlights from the 2019 list:

Bad Actors (Previously Titled Flop Actors)

Feroze Khan topped the list this year and has jumped from the third position last year to the first. Mubasher feels that the actor should focus more on acting and less on modeling. The anchor also remarked that the actor had been continuously doing lousy work!

Mmmh, okay. Just to let you know, Mr. Lucman, Khaani was a smashing hit, and almost everyone loved Feroze’s performance. The on-screen performance that is.

Second on the list was Agha Ali while third was Ali Rehman Khan. As per the anchor, these two might have high visibility, courtesy the commercials and drama serials they do, but that they always disappoint in whatever they touch. Ouch!

Just for added information, the 2018 list had Osman Khalid Butt, Danish Taimoor and Feroze Khan, while the 2017 edition featured Feroze Khan, Sami Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Okay, Mubasher surely has something against Feroze Khan, no?

Bad Actresses (Previously Titled Flop Actresses)

Topping the list here is Hareem Farooq who as per Mubasher is a ‘genuinely nakaam adakara‘ and whatever she does is a flop. Mubasher even went ahead to recommend her a change in the profession and suggested property dealership as an alternative.

Yes, he actually went there! Again, just for your information Mr. Lucman, Hareem has proved her mettle as an actress, not once but has been doing that with a lot of acclaimed work like Dobara Phir Se and Parchi.

Second on the list is Aiman Muneeb who apparently only knows ‘rona dhona’ while third on the list was Zara Noor Abbas, who Mubashir said is too serious with what she does and overacts. Having gone through his past lists, what I have gathered is that he is not a big fan of serious actresses and likes ‘chulbuli girls in chulbulay roles,’ – his words, not mine, and that’s exactly the advice he gave to Zara too.

Last year, the list featured Mahira Khan, Neelam Muneer, and Neha Rajput, while the 2017 list featured, Mehwish Hayat, Syra Shahroz, Sumbul Iqbal, Meesha Shafi, and Mathira. Interesting names no? Lol

Flop Movies

Okay, this is probably the only segment where I agree with Mr. Lucman, but I have to add that the word flop may not have been the best adjective. I’m assuming he’s using it interchangeably with ‘Bad,’ so I will let it pass. The two films which made it to the list this year were Parchi and 7 Din Mohabbat In, and yes, these films actually deserved the tag.

Yes, there were quite a few other contenders such as, Na Band Na Baraati, Pari, and Shor Sharaba too, but then Mr. Lucman wanted the views and the attention and hence, he knew which two to pick and make the most of it.

Last year, it was Verna, Raasta and Rangreza and yet again, completely agreed. As for 2017, it was Dobara Phir Se, Mah e Mir, Ishq Positive, and Teri Meri Love Story and well umm not sure what I feel about this list.

Best Actors (Previously Titled Hit Actors)

It was not all ranting as the anchor also celebrated the best from the year. The best actor list had Imran Ashraf right at the top, exactly where he belonged, followed by Ahad Raza Mir, who was also second on the list last year when Mubasher had called him Ahmed Raza, weird no? The third was Ahsan Khan followed by Syed Jibran and Faisal Qureshi.

Last year, it was Mikaal Zulfiqar who topped the list, and this is interesting because as per Mubasher, Mikaal was amongst the bad actors in 2017, but then he emerged as the best of the best in 2018.

Anyhow, the second was Nauman Ijaz, while Ahad Raza Mir; whom, by the way, he called as Ahmad Raza on the show, was ranked the third on Mubasher’s list. The fourth was Zahid Ahmed, who again was wrongly called Zahid Mehmood. Azfar Rehman stood the fifth on the anchor’s list.

As for 2017, it was Faisal Qureshi, Fawad Khan, Ahsan Khan, Zahid Ahmed, and Imran Abbas.

Best Actresses (Previously Titled Hit Actresses)

Iqra Aziz was on the first spot, and rightfully so I believe. The second was Sajal Aly, again another fantastic actress, and the third actress was Sana Javed; who Mubasher particularly praised for her ‘shauq o chanchal kirdaars ( see I told you),’ and hosting skills.

As for 2018, right at the top was Saba Qamar, followed by Sania Saeed and Kubra Khan. In 2017, it was Sanam Saeed, Ushna Shah, Sajal Aly, Mawra Hocane, and Ayeza Khan (this list could serve for another article itself, but honestly, its getting kind of tiring now and you know the drill, so let’s move on).

Hit Movies

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 topped the list while Teefa In Trouble was second. The anchor particularly praised Teefa In Trouble for releasing without the support of an Eid release and succeeding at the box office. Last year, it was ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi‘ while 2017 had ‘Actor In Law‘ ‘Bin Roye‘ and ‘Janaan.’

It is pertinent to mention here that Mubasher Lucman has himself produced and directed a film titled ‘Pehla Pehla Pyaar‘ which released in 2006 and was panned by critics for its poor direction, lol! The film starred Resham, Zara Sheikh, and Ali Tabish in leading roles and was Mubasher Lucman’s first and last try at film-making.

What do you think of Mubasher Lucman’s list, do comment and let us know? Also, we at Galaxy Lollywood will be releasing our very own year in review list where we will share all the highlights from 2018, so stay tuned for that!

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