2018 in review: 50 FTW and WTF moments from the year!

2018 FTW WTF Pakistan

The year 2019 is almost half a month old now. This provides us with a vantage point to look back at all that happened in 2018. And a lot did happen in 2018. While some instances had us saying WTF, others could easily be called the wins of the year.

Here, Galaxy Lollywood takes a look back at all the major WTF and FTW moments of Pakistan’s entertainment industry from last year.

1.Sohai’s Retreat from her Stereotypical “Patakha Girl” Image (FTW)


The “Made for Big Screen” actor, Sohai, in a positive development, took a departure from her Patakha girl image and opted for a risky, non-glamorous film like Motorcycle Girl. The lady opted out of films like Pujnab Nahi Jaungi (Urwa’s role), Kaaf Kangana (and reportedly Humayun’s upcoming film, Loafer) to play the real motorcycle girl, Zenith Irfan in Adnan Sarwar’s second offering.

2. Humaima Malick’s Bold Shoot (WTF)

While Sohai Ali Abro was focusing on her newly changed image, Humaima Malick took it a notch higher with her bold and steamy shoot which left many shocked.

3. Saba Qamar Replies to Mahira Khan’s 100 Crore Statement (FTW)

During Hum Awards 2017, Mahira Khan jibed at fellow actresses, referring that some of them claimed she couldn’t act. At this, she brought up how her Bollywood debut, Raees raked in 100 crores, to which Saba Qamar replied when Hindi Medium entered the 100 crore club.

4. LSA Kiss Miss (WTF)

While on the topic of award show related controversies, Mahira Khan got herself stuck in another one when she won the Lux Style Award for best actress. Javed Sheikh tried to kiss Mahira on the cheek when she came to receive her award. Mahira, however, was seen turning away in the video that went viral, and somehow all of this became a meme. WTF, that’s all we can say.

5. Aiman and Muneeb Finally Got Hitched (FTW)

After being in a relationship for quite some time, the couple finally tied the knot this year in a wedding which spanned over a month. While the wedding did receive a lot of flack for being a ‘waste of money’, we say all’s well that ends well and the pictures prove just that.

6. Feroze Khan Marries Out of the Blue! (WTF)

Another marriage that took place this year was that of Feroze Khan with Alizeh. And while this was definitely a cute moment, it did take us and the country by surprise and made us go WTF because people weren’t completely over Feroze and Sajal. And here was Feroz posing for photos in an arranged marriage.

7. Jibran Nasir Dances Like there is No Tomorrow (FTW)

While we have all seen and know of Jibran’s political and serious side, no one imagined him having a fun and peppy personality. Jibran Nasir and Mansha Pasha’s energetic dances at Faiza Saleem’s wedding were a huge hit, leaving everyone in awe.

8. JPNA 2’s Badly Choreographed Songs (WTF)

Talking about dance performances, last year, JPNA 2 came out with a dance number by forgettable Pakistani actress Sara Loren. The item number, Ishq Hua Jo Tari failed to add star power to the film. Moreover, it was badly choreographed by Bollywood dance director Shabina Khan, and God knows what made Khan choreograph such creepy dance moves.

On the other hand, and strangely, Aaya Laariye from JPNA 2 was referred as the ‘Shadi Anthem of the Year.’ What we got to see, instead, was a replica of ‘Fair & lovely Ka Jalwa’ from the original JPNA. The set, wedding theme, looks, and even the atrocious dance moves seemed literally copied from the Sohai and Humayun’s track.

9.Celebrities Sharing Pictures of their Thumbs After Voting (FTW)

It was heart warming to see the industry come out and vote for a better tomorow.

10.Hum Awards Clashes With Election Day (WTF)

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There’s this entire controversy surrounding the upcoming #HUMAwards which are taking place in Toronto this 28th of July! A bevy of celebrities flew from Pakistan to Canada for the festivities hence missing the crucial elections which are taking place today. Audiences and industry people aren’t quite happy with this and are calling out these celebrities who as per these critics have forgotten their duties as citizens of Pakistan and valuing personal gains more over the betterment of the country, there’s even talk of boycotting the awards! On the other hand are supporters, limited in number, who feel that this was work and the actors had committed to this earlier on hence it’s okay for them to not vote. We’re not exactly sure when the dates were locked for the ceremony but this is not cool! What do you have to say about this?

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While the General Elections were scheduled for 25th July and Hum Awards took place on 28th July, many celebrities and others associated with the event left for Toronto way before. This had many people questioning love of celebrities for their country.

11. Mehwish Hayat Singing with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (FTW)

Mehwish Hayat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s duet at a private party hosted by Yousaf Sallahudin left us in awe.

12. Bollywood Ruining Pakistani Classic Songs (WTF)

Bollywood’s obsession with Pakistani songs has never been a mystery. This time around, they went a step further and recreated a few Pakistani classic songs in ways tantamount to serious crimes against music.

As if Tajdaare Haram wasn’t enough, the massacre continued in the form of songs like Amma Dekh, Tere Bin, and Halka Halka Suroor.

13. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Response to Faysal Qureshi’s Racist Remarks (FTW)

In one of his shows, Faysal Qureshi spoke about how being good looking is an important aspect in the industry while dismissing talent. In retaliation, Mohsin Abbas spoke about how talent is as important and if you are not talented, the audience would not accept you.

14. Sadaf Kanwal and Mansha Pasha Fight (WTF)

During Tonite with HSY, Sadaf Kanwal threw shade at women calling them out for not speaking up about sexual harrasment right at the moment it happens. To this, Mansha Pasha spoke against Sadaf Kanwal saying that women need to step up and speak better. Sadaf snapped back saying ‘Hum apko kapre pehna sikha dete hain, ap humay bolna sikha de.’

15.Mahira Khan’s Cannes Debut (FTW)

Even though a few Pakistanis have walked the Cannes red carpet before, but none have been able to create the impact that Mahira did. Especially with the star power the woman has, this one was a major win for Pakistan!

16. The Ambani Party in Karachi (WTF)

While Mahira is going places, some people need to step up their game. This crazy extravaganza of a party thrown by Karachi’s former supermodel, Aliya Zaidi was quite the mind fuck.

With celebrities like Deepak Perwani, Frieha Altaf, and a few others in attendance wearing the most atrocious clothes to look like the Ambanis, we could not fathom out the reason why someone would pick such a theme, especially with these mind-boggling mannequins, complete with creepy face masks.

17.Say No to Dowry Campaign (FTW)

The campaign in collaboration with UNWomen Pakistan was a noble initiative where various celebrities shared their photos and stories using the hashtag #StopJahezKhori. We hope it brings about change for real rather than just trending on social media.

18. Social Media’s Obsession with Amir Liaqat’s Wedding (WTF)

Being a double edged sword that social media is, a rather gritty side of the medium was seen when the people reacted in an unreasonable way to televangelist Amir Liaquat’s second wedding. There was no dearth of People on Twitter and Facebook who spewed venom against the newly married couple, not realising that it was Liaquat’s personal choice whether to remarry or not.

19. Zara Noor Abbas Owned the Ramp like a Diva (FTW)

Zara Noor Abbas walked the ramp at the FPWSS 2018 for designer FnkAsia and her walk was unique in its rhythm, bold in tone, and nothing short of chic and sassy.

20. Models Making Fun of Zara’s Walk (WTF)

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WTF‼️ These models making fun of Zara Noor Abbas’s walk is a low blow which was uncalled for and is downright mean. Firstly you’re models, that’s what you guys do for a living, she was an actress this was unchartered territory for her. Secondly she was told to put an act on the ramp and to channel her inner warrior princess which was the theme of the show. The reason we’re putting this up is because it’s just sad to see that as a nation we love to pull each other down. Even if you guys had to bitch, which is is understandable there was no need to put it out on the social media because it comes across as a pathetic cry for attention and seems like a cheap publicity stunt. But if that’s what you were going for, well mission achieved ladies, you’ve just shown the world how it’s women who are pulling down other women… #ZaraNoorAbbas #FPW18

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Probably jealous after seeing Zara’s fierce walk, some models passed derogatory remarks about her walk with a video being shared on social media.

21. Teefa Brings Pakistani Cinema out of Trouble (FTW)

The country’s fledgling cinema saw its first non-holiday blockbuster in the recent times in the form of Ali Zafar’s maiden Pakistani film. Teefa In Trouble surpassed all trade expectations, breaking innumerable records despite the hostility it faced because of Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations against Ali Zafar.

22. Wajood, Azaadi, 7 Din Mohabbat In, and Na Band Na Baraati were Eid Nightmares (WTF)

Eid ul Fitr 2018 releases were a major letdown. While Wajood made it to the list of worst films by joining Sahir Lohdi’s Raasta, Saat Din Mohabbat In barely survived 7 din at the box office. The Sadaf Kanwal and Sonya Hussain’s cat fight on social media made things even more official. Is this the revival of cinema we are marching towards?

23. First Look Into the World of ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’ (FTW)

Touted as Pakistan’s most expensive production to date, ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’, which has been in the making for a few years now, finally released the first footage from the film and it goes without saying that minds were blown!

24. Saqib Malick’s Baaji Seeing Cast Reshuffles (WTF)

Director Saqib Malik’s much anticipated debut Film, Baji went through some major cast reshuffles. The role of one of the leading ladies hopped from Urwa and Humaima until it finally landed in Amna Ilyas’s plate. Baaji is finally complete and is in its post-production phase with a possible release in the first half of 2019.

25. Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are More than Friends (FTW)

Iqra and Yasir have been friends for a while now but ever since they walked the ramp together at the Bridal Couture week all giggly and holding hands, people had many questions running through their mind. All those questions were answered via the many intimate Instagram posts.

26. Hira Mani’s Confession (WTF)

On Samina Peerzada’s show, “Speak Your Heart Out,” Hira confessed that she was engaged and to be married when she fell in love with Mani. She also confessed that Mani was her friend’s boyfriend, whose number she stole from that friend’s phone and started dating him. All the while being engaged to another man! Wow, WTF indeed!

27. The Feminist Pakistani Cinema (FTW)

From Parchi’s Iman (Hareem Farooq) to Load Wedding’s Bebo Baji (Faiza Hassan), and from Cake’s sisters (Amna Sheikh and Sanam Saeed) to Pinky Memsab’s Pinky (Hajra Yameen), Pakistani cinema brought its strong feminist side on the front for the world to see.

28. Master Molty Foam TVC Featuring Adnan Siddique as Papa Jani and Mahira Khan as Nanhi Pari (WTF)

A lot has already been said on this, but yeah, the prosthetics on Adnan’s face to give him a fatherly look and Mahira as Nanhi Pari all looked simply very artificial and overdone

29. Urwa Replies to Swara’s Double Standards (FTW)

Swara Bhaskar: “I’ve been to London, Paris, NYC, trust me, Lahore (Pakistan) is the best”.

Swara Bhaskar after Pakistan bans Veere Di Wedding: “What better do you expect from a Shariah-ruled, un-secular, failed state like Pakistan?”

Clearly, Swara had issues with Pakistan to which Urwa clapped back, reminding her of her own words in a series of tweets.

30. Khalil Ur Rehman Blasting Urwa Hocane (WTF)

Writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar decided to direct his debut project called Kaaf Kangna and (Like Baji) added and removed multiple ladies to its cast. The cast rearrangement started from Sohai Ali Abro and ended at debutante Eshal Fayaz. The biggest setback to Khalil Sahib was of Urwa leaving the project and he went ballistic in an interview.

31. Aisha Khan Gets Married (FTW)

Aisha Khan, who is immensely adored by fans, decided to get hitched to Major Uqbah.

32. Aisha Khan Quits Acting (WTF)

Leaving her fans heartbroken

33. “Cake,” A Film for Classes which Somewhat worked at the Box Office Too (FTW)

Debutante Asim Abbasi’s layered family drama, despite its lesser cinematic value, managed to get immense recognition from both, the tabloids (local and international), and audiences. The film’s subtle execution of family, friendship, sacrifice, and betrayal even earned it Pakistan’s official entry to Oscars in 2018. It couldn’t proceed further though.

34. “Load Wedding” carrying the Load of Eid Tussle (WTF)

Pakistani cinema continued its obsession with the festival of Eid and made sure Eid ul Adha doesn’t stay an exception. Three big production houses of the country released three films simultaneously, (JPNA 2, Load wedding, and Parwaz Hay Junoon). While JPNA 2 and PHJ saw remarkable foot falls, it was Load Wedding that was devoid of the attention that it deserved.

35. Pakistan’s First Animated Blockbuster (FTW)

Neither the makers nor any film pundit from the industry had imagined that an animated film will resonate with the audience as much as Donkey King did. The film ended up amongst the highest grossers of the year, beating major local and international films like Waar and Jurassic Park.

36. Jackpot’s Failure and the Announcement to Re-Release (WTF)

The producer of Jackpot, Mr. Khurram Riaz claimed that their film was sidelined due to the Sanju fever, and that it was running to packed houses even in the limited shows allocated to it.

The truth is that the film was out rightly rejected by critics and audiences when it released. Even the lead actress, Sanam Chaudry expressed her dissatisfaction about her role. It was announced to re-release on 11th January 2019, but the reports aren’t any favourable this time either.

37. JPNA Franchise (FTW)

2018 also saw the birth of Pakistan’s biggest film franchise. With the release of JPNA 2, all the previous box office records were shattered despite a clash with films like Parwaz Hay Junoon and Load Wedding.

38. No films for December 2018 (WTF)

Like always, filmmakers preferred only the festival release dates. Even with holidays for Christmas and Founder’s birthday, people availing their annual leaves, winter vacations at school and colleges, no filmmaker had the prudence to release their film in winter holiday season.

39. Junoon Reunion Concert Was the Perfect End of 2018 (FTW)

The Junoon reunion concert was the best gift for music lovers. It was nostalgic to watch Pakistan’s biggest Sufi rock band, Junoon, perform together after 13 years. The star studded event had famous celebrities like Wasim Akram, Zohaib Hassan, Ayesha Omar among others in attendance. It was an emotional moment when Salman Ahmed shared that the reunion was one of Junaid Jamshed’s wishes.

40. The Ko Ko Korina Debacle: Shireen Mazari – Momina Mustehsan Twitter War (WTF)

Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir’s rendition of Ko Ko Korina was definitely one of the biggest WTF moments of the year. The infamous track was slammed by many, led to quite a few twitter wars, meme worthy supports, and was generally quite a frenzy.

41. Faiza Saleem… The Bindas Bride (FTW)

Gone are the days when dulhans in their wedding behaved like a prop and sat all evening long like a statue. Comedian Faiza Saleem went on to break stereotypes at her wedding, as she enjoyed every moment to the fullest without giving a damn about what people would say.

42. Sanam Baloch and Sanam Saeed Divorce (WTF)

It was a bad year for the Sanams as both the girls parted ways with their husbands. Sanam Saeed revealed that she had divorced her husband because she couldn’t balance her mother’s illness and marriage. On the other hand, Sanam Baloch kept things personal, having many believe that her husband used to boss her around.

43. Ahsan Khan’s Fake Accent at IPPA (WTF)

Khan won the star of year award at the International Pakistan Prestige Awards 2018. While talking about Udaari, Ahsan brought out this unusual fake accent. Fans came out in support and justified Khan’s act by mentioning that he was born and raised in London. Oh really? Why wasn’t the accent so obvious in his previous interviews.

44. Aangan Release Date Keeps Changing and Not Coming on YouTube (WTF)

Aangan failing

Aangan, which was supposed to be released on 13th December finally went on air on 20th December. Also, not getting a digital YouTube release left many disgruntled.

45. Syed Noor’s Views on Love. (WTF)

In an interview for a channel, Noor Sahib declared true love is found where there are slaps involved. His belief is that one should hit a women when she refuses, as that would bring the women closer to the man.

46. Feroze Khan Boycotts Hum TV for Making Fun of his Family (WTF)

While talking about award ceremony related controversies, during the Hum awards 2018, the hosts, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ainy Jafri, spoke about the industry giving us on-screen couples including Feroze Khan and his wife Alizay.

Ainy interjected by saying how Feroze and Alizay were a real couple to which both the hosts spoke about praying that marriage is based on real events. Alizay’s reaction was caught on camera while Feroze was no where to be seen. Later, Feroze revealed he would boycott the awards if they joked about his family.

47. Meesha-Ali Harassment (WTF)

Always being of the belief that Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar were the best of friends, it came as a shock to us when Meesha accused Ali of sexual harassment. Ali brushed off the accusations as a mere blame game.

48. Feroze Khan Shows Middle Finger to People Protesting Against Ali Zafar Harassment (WTF)

During Teefa in Trouble premier, many people protested against Ali Zafar. In reaction to this, Feroze Khan showed them the middle finger. To this, many questioned Feroze’s integrity to the sensitive issue of sexual harassment.

49. Mani Makes Fun of Me Too Movement’s Founder (WTF)

Mani made fun of the #Metoo movement in a rather revolting post on his instagram. The comments underneath the post called him out and rightfully so.

50. Mawra’s Sudden Ouster from the Lux Campaign (WTF)

While it was never officially announced, Reema Khan’s entry and Mawra Hocane’s exit from the Lux campaign had many questions arising.