GL Box Office: Here is how films fared these last two weeks (5 Jan 19 – 17 Jan 19)

box office 5 Jan 19 - 17 Jan Jan 19

After the first couple of weeks of the new year, Pakistani box-office has started suffering once again. Primarily due to the failure of films in striking a chord with the cinema-going audience, the poor marketing has only added to the miseries. So much so that the films were unable to manage even a good opening weekend. 

Gumm and Jackpot

Gumm and Jackpot were the two local releases last week and both have turned out to be colossal failures at the box-office. To be fair, neither of two was even expected to do wonders at the box office as one of them was, in fact, a re-release.

On whole, both the films have managed to rake in hardly 15 lacs at the box office in their first week. Jackpot edged out Gumm by a few lacs which in no other way can be described except for being a huge letdown by team Gumm.

This proves the fact that producing a quality product is always more important than selling achievements earned externally to pull cinema-going audiences to theatres. Both the films are out of cinemas from today onwards.

3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors

The animated film and the last installment of the successful 3 Bahadur franchise, has proven to be a winner at the box-office in its own right. We say in its own right because the multiple new releases around it significantly slowed its box-office performance down.

The film has managed a total of 5.85 crores in its first five weeks. This is a respectable figure for a film like that but it seems it will not be able to become the highest grosser of the 3 Bahadur franchise.


The Kannada blockbuster, despite releasing three weeks late in Pakistan and being a dubbed film, has managed a total of 1.20 crores in its first eight days. The reason why it’s an eight-day report for this one is the fact that the movie released on Thursday last week. The film might have surprised the trade with better numbers had it been released on time.

Simmba and Zero

As declared in our previous report, the Ranveer Singh starrer, Simmba has turned out to be a clear winner among the audiences. The film has sustained brilliantly all over the country and has collected 15.75 crores till its 3rd weekend.

With these collections, Simmba has also overtaken the business of the big Shahrukh Khan release, Zero. The Shahrukh film has wrapped up at 14.5 crores, exactly how we predicted. Zero’s numbers are quite disappointing considering the size of the release and the expectations attached to it.

For the coming week, it seems Simmba will win the box-office again as the reports are excellent and good shows have been allotted to the film. The film also has the chance to cross the 20 crores at the local box-office, which will be a great achievement for the Ranveer Singh starrer.

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