GL Box Office: Here is how films fared this week (18 Jan 19 – 24 Jan 19)

box office 18 Jan 19 - 24 Jan 19

2019 has so far not been a great year for the Pakistani box office. No film released in over three weeks of the new year, be it local or foreign, has been able to wow the audiences. Even the reports about the last week’s releases are not that great. Here is, however, a detailed rundown of how the box office performed in the past week.

Fraud Saiyaan

We saw Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla coming together for Fraud Saiyaan, along with our very own Sara Loren. The film did start its weekend well with 22lacs, which, considering the hype around it, was a good number.

Then, however, the bad word of mouth came in, and the film could not show any major growth, and hence, wrapped the weekend at 68 lacs. The numbers are actually not that bad for a small film, but the zero growth shows that it will not be able to do well in the long run.


The Emraan Hashmi starrer released with a handsome amount of shows in Pakistan. The fan following of the lead star also led to the movie being the best opener among the last week’s releases with its figure of 35 lacs.

The overall weekend numbers, however, were not too impressive as the film could only manage about 85 lacs. Cheat was a bit different as compared to normal Emraan Hashmi films in terms of the missing blockbuster music which is a given in his movies. In terms of business, it seems that the film will find it tough from here onward.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Being the third and last installment of a great series, How to Train Your Dragon 3 took forward the characters of Toothless and Hiccup and gave a great culmination to the story. This film actually released five weeks prior to its North American release, which meant that there was comparatively less promotion around it.

The film opened with a figure of mere six lacs, but with its good content and positive word of mouth, went on to collect 33 lacs. From the looks of it now, the film will have a long run given it is allotted the right shows, and the promotion around the US release has its effect here.


The Ranveer Singh starrer has been one of the biggest hits of the last year. The business that the film has done for itself over the past few weeks in Pakistan also shows the kind of acceptance it has gotten from the local audience.

Simmba collected around one crore, which was the best figure of the last weekend and might touch 20 crores by the end of its run. It will be a great feat for the film if that happens. Where new films failed to win over the box-office, the sustainability Simmba has shown is remarkable, and a first for Ranveer Singh as a solo hero.

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