Missed ‘Aangan?’ Here is your second chance to catch all the episodes


The exceptionally popular period drama, Aangan is eight episodes old in its run. If you, however, were a victim of the channel’s policy to not let the show appear anywhere online or missed it for some other reason, there is good news for you. Yes, the channel is now offering people a second chance to catch all the already aired Aangan episodes and that too in a bundle.

Back Again Back to Back

In a tweet yesterday; just before the latest episode (8th) of the show aired, HUM TV announced that it will be running all the eight episodes, back to back, on this Sunday (10th February 2019).

So yeah, all you people who missed the show in its original airing for one reason or another, or can’t have enough of it, 2:20 PM, this coming Sunday is your time.

Why No Aangan Episodes Online?

With the world of entertainment moving to paid streaming platforms like Netflix, Iflix, Eros Now, etc., HUM plans the same for its content too. This is precisely the reason why you will find it becoming increasingly difficult to watch the channel’s content (especially the recent one) on a free platform like YouTube.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood for one of the earlier pieces, HUM’s PR Manager, Minhas Saghar had said, Yes! We haven’t uploaded the episode yet on YouTube. We are negotiating with different web portals that approached us to acquire Aangan’s copyrights.”

He had further revealed that these negotiations will be over in a week and a subsequent announcement will come from the channel. This was, however, back in late December when the first episode of the show had just aired. We are more than a week in February now, and the promised announcement hasn’t yet arrived.


When we contacted Minhas again for his comment on the entire development, he said, “Well, this re-run is actually for those fans who were a bit angry with us and missing the show online. As far as its web release is concerned, things have pretty much finalised with a big digital streaming platform, and the show will release there once it completes its run on TV. You can expect an official announcement on this in the next couple of weeks.”

Minhas’s comment shows that HUM realises the error on their part and is now taking measures so that Aangan doesn’t lose any more of its buzz. We welcome the decision, but wonder if it will manage to salvage the show?

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