“Wrong No. 2 is full of masti and masala” – Neelum Muneer

Neelum Muneer Wrong No.2 Interview

Everyone knew Neelam Muneer could act but it’s her sheer versatility that leaves people spellbound. 2018 saw a new Neelam. Her portrayal of a stubborn girl in her last outing, Dil Moam Ka Diya has been rated as one of the best ever by an actress in recent times. It made the entire nation weep and everyone has been raving about the actress and rightfully so!

We had a tough time getting hold of her due to her busy schedule, but it was worth the wait. In conversation with Galaxy Lollywood, Neelam spoke at length about the experience of working in Wrong No. 2, television, and what’s keeping her busy these days.

GL: What made you say yes to Wrong No. 2? Also, tell us a little about your character.

Neelam Muneer: The script comes first of all. My character in the film gave me ample opportunity to perform as an actor. People will see me in a different avatar altogether. Wrong No.2 offers comedy, romance, dance, and emotions, and I am chasing my dreams amidst all. The film, too, ends up with a wrong number.               

GL: How is your equation with Yasir Nawaz as a director?

NM: My equation with Yasir is completely different as a director. I was surprised to see that we both used to be on the same page while discussing scenes. It’s really important to work with directors who make you feel comfortable. This resultantly brings out the best in you.

GL: Your on-screen chemistry with Sami Khan mesmerized the audience on television. How was the experience of working with him on a film? 

NM: Yes! My chemistry with Sami Khan was widely appreciated and it all started from Pakeezah. This time around, the audience will witness a different and new flavor as the story, situation, and dialogues are full of masti and masala. People would surely be amazed to see the special Mehndi & Shaadi dance numbers we’ve shot together.

GL: You have utilized every opportunity at various platforms when it comes to showcasing your dancing talent. Do we expect a sizzling dance performance by Neelam in WN2?

NM: We don’t actually need a “sizzling dance number” or an item number for WN2 as all the item bombs are already featuring in the film (laughs). The songs are placed as per situation, be it romantic or item song, and I think we leave it to the audience to decide which one is more sizzling. I am very much satisfied with my job as I have done complete justice to it.

GL: Do you feel the pressure of being part of a successful franchise? How important is box office success for you?

NM: Not at all! I don’t take such pressures. As an actor, my job is to perform. Frankly, I don’t understand the numbers. I do a movie only if the script or the character is appealing.

GL: We don’t see you more often in films. Do you enjoy television more than films?

NM: First things first, the audience for both the mediums are different. I am open to doing theatre, TV, and films if, a good script is offered. Television is a full-fledged industry in Pakistan so naturally, actors are more visible on TV. As for films, we are getting better with each passing year and I hope 2019 proves to be a fruitful year for Lollywood.

GL: What’s keeping you busy in 2019?

NM: I have signed a couple of new contracts this year which includes many commercial projects, photo-shoots, etc. There is one big surprise for my fans which I won’t be disclosing at this point in time. I can, however, give a hint that it is related to cinema. Tau jabtak intezar ka maza lijiye

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