Box Office: ‘Sherdil’ does well on Monday while ‘Laal Kabootar’ does decently too

laal kabootar sherdil

Two Pakistani movies; Sherdil and Laal Kabootar hit the cinemas on the 22nd of March. While the former has gotten mixed reviews from the critics, the latter has gotten some really remarkable reviews. Unfortunately, however, the numbers tell a different story. Sherdil has surpassed 4 crores while Laal Kabootar hasn’t even crossed 1 crore. Let’s analyse the numbers for both, one by one.


As GL had predicted, patriotism did sell itself quite well through Sherdil. Amusingly, 20 percent of the film’s opening weekend business came from the twin cities; Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Overall, Sherdil had managed to earn 4.15 crores approximately, on its opening weekend. As for Monday, Sherdil earned 50 lacs which is obviously less than the last three days but it is also understandable since weekdays generally gather less audience. It is safe to say that Sherdil was able to hold, not so unsuccessfully, on Monday. It can definitely be expected to hold during the rest of the week too.

According to EPK, here is the detailed breakdown:

Friday: 1.15 crores
Saturday: 1.7 crores
Sunday: 1.3 crores

Monday: 50 lacs
Total: 4.65 crores

Laal Kabootar

The film earned around 30 lacs on the day of its release which wasn’t too bad, given it mostly caters to a niche. Even though we predicted that these number might increase in the coming days, the opening weekend ended on the lower end. It was, therefore, crucial for the film’s performance to do well on Monday. However, it could only gather 12 lacs on Monday as compared to the 22 lacs on Sunday. Galaxy Lollywood‘s numbers expert, Zaryan Khawar, had the following to say, “Laal Kabootar is sustaining at the lower end. 19 lacs would have been a safer number for Monday but now, the film should definitely stay between 13 to 14 lacs during the week, and not go any lower.” But since the film has already hit 12 lacs, we are not too hopeful because according to Zaryan, the number is only going to go lower.

Here is the detailed breakdown of numbers: 

Friday (includes Premiere Shows): 30 lacs
Saturday: 25 lacs
Sunday: 22 lacs

Monday: 12 lacs
Total: 89 lacs

Let’s wait and see how the situation unfolds.