Box Office: ‘Sherdil’ truly wins the box office and we are hopeful about ‘Laal Kabootar’ too

22nd March witnessed the release of two Pakistani films; Sherdil and Laal Kabootar. The week following that (which would be the previous week) has, fortunately, been good for Pakistani cinemas as three major releases (two local films including a foreign, US) have brought some joy, and more importantly good footfall.


Sherdil has done the most business among all the releases as it has approximately grossed 6 crores over the first week of its release. The film opened big and later sustained on good levels along all the week-days. The film has found acceptance at the centers where films with patriotic angles (say India-Pakistan angle) usually do well i.e. Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It looks like the film will be the first 10 crores grosser for local cinema this year and we are just going to keep our fingers crossed.

Below is the film’s detailed week one business, as per EPK:

Friday: 1.15 crores
Saturday: 1.7 crores
Sunday: 1.3 crores
Monday: 47 lacs
Tuesday: 55 lacs
Wednesday: 46 lacs
Thursday: 42 lacs
Total: 6.05 crores

Laal Kabootar

The film has been running on lower levels since its release for its first week total stands at 1.3 crores approximately. The good thing is that Laal Kabootar has maintained well on weekdays but the numbers could have been better considering the large number of shows it has. We hope that the film has a good second weekend and a long run at the box office to be successful in rightful terms, given the raving reviews. 

Below is the film’s detailed week one business, as per EPK:

Friday (includes premiere shows): 30lacs
Saturday: 25 lacs
Sunday: 22 lacs
Monday: 12 lacs
Tuesday: 13.5 lacs
Wednesday: 13.5 lacs
Thursday: 13 lacs
Total: 1.29 crores


US was a major Hollywood release but it has not really shown any spark in terms of collections. The first week total for this has been around 40 lacs; these collections are on the lower side but the good thing is the film has not totally crashed. We hope this one stays afloat for a longer time and garners an overall good number until its end.


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