Box Office: ‘Project Ghazi’ off most screens as Hollywood strikes theaters

22nd March witnessed the release of two local films; Sherdil and Laal Kabootar. In the week following that, we had Project Ghazi come out (and go). While the first two have been helpful in bringing some footfall to our cinemas, the latter has, unfortunately, played little to no role in that. Here is how the three films fared at the box office, last week.

Project Ghazi

Unfortunately, the film is already off most screens since it has not been doing the business one would expect a Humayun Saeed starrer to do. On the bright side though, the film has somehow managed to hit the 1 crore mark by the end of its first week. The total number is around 1.1 crores and it is predicted that it probably won’t be able to cross 1.25 crores. With films like Captain Marvel, DC Shazam, etc. hitting the screens this weekend, the Project Ghazi run is, most likely, at its final stages. It is expected to see a massive drop this weekend and we are probably not going to keep our fingers crossed this time.

Laal Kabootar

Just like Project Ghazi, Laal Kabootar is also expected to see a fall in numbers on account of the two mega Hollywood releases hitting the cinemas, this weekend. Having said that, it closed its second week yesterday and while there has definitely been a fall, it is rather decent.

The complete breakdown is as follows:

Week 1: 1.29 crores

Week 2: 82 lacs

Total: 2.11 crores

If the film had earned a little more in its first week, it could have touched 4 crores but looks like, it may just be able to reach 3 crores anyway. Fingers crossed (yahan banta hai!)


Sherdil has been a true box office winner, through and through. It had a spectacular first week and while there is definitely a considerable drop in the second week, it is still more than what the other two local films have been able to make in their last week.

The complete breakdown is as follows:

Week One: 6.05 crores

Week Two: 2.66 crores (approximately)

Total: 8.71 crores (approximately)

Sherdil will, most likely, see a drop this weekend too because hello, Hollywood but looks like it may still be able to sustain itself for some more time. Let’s wait and see how the Box Office situation unfolds itself in the coming week.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site Entertainment Pakistan.


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