Box Office: ‘Captain Marvel’ brings in some respite to our rather empty cinemas

Last weekend saw two big Hollywood releases; Captain Marvel and DC Shazam. At this point in time, most of us are aware that our cinemas have been struggling with low footfalls, for quite some time now. Cherry on top, Indian content has not been coming to Pakistan since February. These two, however, have been able to bring in some respite but in limited multiplexes. Let’s see what the numbers say:

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel opened to good collections over the weekend, with a total of 2.5 crores. The film, due to being the last follow up to Avengers: Endgame had a lot of hype going for it. Keeping in view the 4-week delay, these collections are definitely good but could have been better had it been released on time.

Moreover, the film has been in news due to its rather controversial delay, so that helped its cause too. Its numbers, however, have fallen by 63% on Monday which is high. The film was only able to gather 30 lacs on Monday; the collections are a manifestation of the fact that the film will struggle and may go the DVD way soon.


Sherdil, has continued to march on with good collections overall as it has done a total of 9.5 crores in 17 days, with the 3rd-weekend collections amounting to 80 lacs in total. Sherdil has really found a good audience in selected areas as it has continued to do well in those especially the mass centers & a few multiplexes. The film looks like, will have another good week and until the release of Avengers, will be able to amass a good total. 

Here is the complete breakdown of numbers:

Week 1: 6.05 Crores

Week 2: 2.65 Crores (approx)

Third Weekend: 80 lacs (approx)

Total: 9.5 crores

Laal Kabootar

Laal Kabootar has been doing collections at lower levels ever since it came out. As far as its total collections are concerned, it has done a mere 2.41 crores with the 3rd weekend total being 30 lacs. The film has struggled considering the huge number of shows it was allotted and also given all the raving reviews it has gotten. The film could have done better but it has been struggling for some time now and looks like, it will not emerge as a success.

Here is the complete breakdown of numbers:

Week 1: 1.29 Crores

Week 2: 82 lacs

Third Weekend: 30 lacs

Total: 2.41 crores

A final word

Lastly, Avengers: Endgame is all set to bring in good collections at the box office with there being some crazy advance bookings happening for the film, 20 days before its release. Having said that, as long as the Indian content does not come back, it looks like our cinemas will suffer and this is the reality we all have to face. This pattern of success in breaks is not enough for the money that is on stake so it’s about time that the industry came together to find a solution for this issue. Otherwise, this tough situation will be tough to recover from.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site Entertainment Pakistan.

I am a complete movie buff, who not only watches a lot of movies but also considers all other factors involved in making movie a success story. Movies are my passion and analysing them from all aspects is what I love doing.


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