Box Office: Avengers takes an earth shattering start in Pakistan, creates new records!

It came and it conquered.

The phrase holds true for the latest Marvel film Avengers: Endgame which has been creating new records worldwide ever since it released this Friday and why not, for the film is the culmination of eleven years and more than twenty films, making it one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year. The film released on Friday and the last three days have seen the biggest weekend in the history of cinema and box office rules have been rewritten everywhere.

Pakistani Box Office on Fire

Just like everywhere else Pakistan has seen huge numbers and the film has created records which seem like no film will be able to break in the foreseeable future. The film opened on Friday with 4.5 crores which broke Sultan’s first-day record of 3.4 crores by a margin. On the second day, the film raked in a whopping 5.5 crore which is a number, not even trade experts were predicting. Just so you know, Sultan had raked in 4.08 crore on its second day!

While the third-day numbers aren’t officially out as of yet it would not be wrong to assume and make an educated guess that the third-day numbers would also be in the region of 4-6 crores given the hysteria at the box office. ( UPDATE: The actual number has come out and its 4 crores). The film is playing to packed houses all over the country be it multiplexes or single screens and has created a ruckus at the box office. This one video from Capri Cinema Karachi perfectly captures this madness.

Anyhow, the three days opening weekend at the Pakistani box office is about 15 crore ( Actual number is 14 crores) which is a HUGE Number. To give you better context, previously the record for the highest weekend at the Pakistani box office was held by Sultan with 11.25 crores, followed by Sanju with 10.25 crores. As for local films, the highest three-day record is under Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2’s belt which released on Eid and collected 9.92 crores in the first three days, so yeah!

This unimaginable success of the film sheds light on another fact that given a film has solid content and is well-marketed any release date will work like magic and the reliance on holidays to boost box office isn’t that important. Moreover, the film was released without a dubbed version which if it had would have further bolstered the numbers.

Worldwide Numbers

As for worldwide numbers, the film has had a record-breaking opening weekend of $1.2 billion which no one had predicted and it seems like the lifetime records of many films will be shattered. An all-time record has been created in the U.S with a $350 million weekend, China added to the numbers with $330 million collections in the first 5 days and India has added INR 157 crores in its first three days.

To sum it up, Avengers is a landmark film in the history of cinema and seems like these records will stay intact for a long time because given the slate of upcoming films no film seems to have the potential for such crazy numbers. From what we have heard the film is holding well on Monday, and given the holiday on Wednesday the film will close week one with huge numbers, let’s wait and watch.

The box office numbers are obtained from an independent box office tracking site Entertainment Pakistan

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