Here’s everything that went down at Chhalawa’s premiere last night, in Karachi

Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming film Chhalawa premiered last night in Karachi. A humungous number of celebrities including Sajal Aly, Urwa Hocane, Hania Aamir among others showed up at the star-studded premiere which was held at Karachi’s Nueplex Cinema. Here’s who all showed up, wearing what, and everything that went down:

Starting with the Aly sisters, Saboor and Sajal were dressed down in casual jeans and shirts, paired with some super chic heels.

The star couple Urwa and Farhan also graced the red carpet in casual wear (Farhan looked like he had come from a shoot, tired af).

Zara and Asad’s friends Asim, Hania and Yasir also came to support them. Asim wore a flowery shirt (Thailand bought, we are guessing) while Hania’s black kurta shalwar with her fiery red hot hair made her look 10/10.

Moreover, everyone’s favorite Imran Ashraf also came in his signature look; jeans, a kurta and a scarf around his neck. Full on Bhola vibes!

Wrong No. 2 fam; Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, and Sana Fakhar also came out to support their fellow industry stars. Yasir was seen in casual wear whereas Sana wore a navy blue jumpsuit with neon earrings and braided hair. We are totally digging her super spunky look.

Nida, on the other hand, was seen in a peachy ensemble with a gorgeous cape over her attire.

The cast and crew of Chhalawa; Zara Noor, Asad Siddiqui, Azfar Rehman, Mehwish Hayat, Wajahat Rauf, Aashir Rauf, Shazia Wajahat, Adnan Shah and Mahmood Aslam all graced the red carpet, too.

Zara wore a sequin, black gown with puffy sleeves. Her look gave some Maleficent vibes but not in a good way tbh. We didn’t particularly like her hairstyle either.

Mehwish Hayat, on the other hand, wore a shadiesque Anarkali peachy dress which, truth be told, should stay at shadi functions.

Azfar, Asad, Wajahat, Adnan and Aashir came all suited booted wheres Mahmood Aslam wore a green kurta. Shazia came adorned in a black and gold saree which looked quite regal.

Parey Hut Love stars Maya Ali, Azaan Sami, and Shahbaz Shigri also came out to support Chhalawa. They all looked super casual yet super chic and well, we approve.

Bushra Ansari also came out to support her niece and son in law’s first movie together. She wore a bright outfit, combined with a pearl necklace and was all smiles for her family.

Hira and Mani showed up as well. Hira wore an all black eastern outfit whereas Mani chose to wear a plain black shirt with khaki pants.

Last but not least, The Mirs also showed up (once again, in super casual yet chic outfits) and we definitely loved seeing all of them together.

We wish the entire team of Chhalawa the very best of luck. Let’s see what Wajahat Rauf and co. have in store for us, this Eid.


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