Box Office: ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’ witness a drop on their first Monday

Movies in Pakistan are mostly star-driven. Audiences flock to the cinemas to watch their favorite stars on the celluloid. Opening collections can be credited to the star power of the actors but post the first weekend, the audiences come mostly for the content. The recently passed extended Eid weekend witnessed this year’s Eid releases, Chhalawa, and Wrong No.2, crossing the 10 crore mark at the local box-office. Monday box-office numbers are out and the results are rather amusing.

Wrong No. 2

If we talk about Wrong No. 2, it won the Eid weekend battle with collections of 10 crores and 60 lacs. The Monday collections have turned out to be 85 lacs which is a 50% fall from the 1st day of Eid, taking the total collections to a healthy 11.90 crore. The film’s drop in collections is normal as the first day after Eid holidays normally sees a better hold than the upcoming days. The film will cross the previous release of Yasir Nawaz, Mehrunisa V Lub U but the question of it surpassing its prequel on the local box-office will be answered in the coming days.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Wednesday: 1.6 crore

Thursday: 2.6 crore

Friday: 2.55 crore

Saturday: 2.25 crore

Sunday: 1.6 crore

Monday: 0.85 crore

Total: 11.45 crore


Chhalawa, on the other hand, had collected a total of 10 crores and 25 lacs over the weekend and took the 2nd position at the box-office. The film on Monday has amassed approximately 60 lacs which is a 60% fall from the 1st day of Eid, the drop in the collections is on the higher side. It needs to be seen if the film witnesses another drastic fall in the collections or manages to remain steady on lower levels. The total collections of Chhalawa at the moment stand at 10 crores and 85 lacs.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Wednesday: 1.5 crore

Thursday: 2.5 crore

Friday: 2.4 crore

Saturday: 2.3 crore

Sunday: 1.55 crore

Monday: 0.6 crore

Total: 10.85 crore

A Final Word

If we compare the collections of this year’s releases, Chhalawa and Wrong No.2, with last year’s releases 7 Din Mohabbat In and Azaadi, both those films had held a little better on their first day post-Eid.

However, it is important to note that last year, Eid fell on a Saturday so the day post-Eid was Tuesday which meant the film was in cinemas for a total of three days before the Eid festivities ended. This year however since Eid fell on a Wednesday, so post-Eid/extended weekend was actually the films sixth day in cinemas.

Last year, 7 din Mohabbat In earned a total of 1.2 crore and Azaadi collected 1 crore which was a minimal fall compared to the fall seen by films this year. However, in totality the films this year have brought in way bigger numbers compared to last years releases.

Nonetheless, we hope that both films see minimal fall from now on and end up collecting good lifetime figures.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.

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