Box Office: ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’ fizzle out in their second weekend

Eid-ul-Fitr, this year, fell on a Wednesday which allowed all the Eid releases a good 5 day Eid weekend and a first week run of 9 days straight, at the box office. Capitalizing on this, both Chhalawa and Wrong No. 2 raked in big numbers at the box office over the 5-day Eid weekend and recorded decent numbers in the following days, adding up to strong week 1 numbers.

However, the second weekend ended yesterday and both the films have fizzled out as they were not able to sustain at the box office and have recorded mediocre numbers. Here is the breakdown for both the films:

Wrong No. 2

The film which started off well in terms of numbers in its first week slowed down in its second week. The 9-day collection (over the extended week 1) for the film came out to be a good 13 crore 50 lacs. Now after the second week where it brought in 1.75 crore, Wrong No. 2 is almost nearing the 15 crore mark. The film’s business suffered on Sunday, on account of the Pakistan – India match.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

1st weekend: 10. 6 crore (Wednesday to Sunday)
Remaining days: 2.9 crore
First week: 13.5 crore

2nd Weekend: 1.75 crore
Total: 14. 85 crore

The film’s trend over the coming weekdays will determine if it will hit the 20 crore mark. Guess, we’ll have to wait and watch.


Of the two Eid releases, Chhalawa came second in the collections race as it collected a total of 12 crores and 45 lacs over the 9 day Eid week. Chhalawa, as expected, has performed the best in Punjab region with Lahore leading in collections while other cities, especially Rawalpindi/Islamabad region are doing pretty well too. As for the second weekend, the drop (compared to the first weekend) has been over 78 percent which is honestly, very massive.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

1st weekend: 10. 4 crore (Wednesday to Sunday)
Remaining days: 2.05 crore
First week: 12.45 crore

2nd Weekend: 1.4 crore
Total: 13. 85 crore

The films will hit the 15 crore mark in the coming week. Let’s wait and see how the situation unfolds.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.


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