Box Office: ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’ seem to have almost died down in their second week

Two weeks have passed since Eid and consequently, the Eid releases. Both the local releases have seen good runs but now the fizz seems to be running out. Eid has almost always been synonymous with good collections but for the past many Eids, the trend that has been seen is that the Eid releases usually struggle to sustain once the holidays are over and this time is no different either.

Wrong No. 2

Starting with Wrong No. 2, the film has collected only a meager 2.85 crore in the second week. The fall is around 78% which is huge and it looks like the film will fail to touch the 20 crore mark on the local box office. The movie although did well in terms of reviews, the audience response has been mixed hence the weak numbers.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Week One (9 Days): 13.1 crore
Week Two: 2.85 crore
Total: 15.95 crore


Chhalawa, on the other hand, has collected 2.35 crore in its second week. The fall in numbers for this movie has been a staggering 81 % and due to this alarming fall, the film hasn’t been able to add much to its kitty in the second week.  The film has overall made 14.8 crore which is good for a Wajahat Rauf directorial as this is the highest grosser for the director. The audience response, however, has not been good enough and that shows in the collections.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Week One (9 Days): 12.45 crore
Week Two: 2.35 crore
Total: 14.8 crore

Both the films had gotten a good number of shows on the opening week/weekend but still, the overall collections are not very impressive. We hope that the next few weeks are good for both of them but truth be told, that does not seem very likely.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.

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