Box Office: Surprise galore as ‘Kataksha’ opens big while ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Wrong No. 2’ also hold well!

Three weekends have passed since Eid-ul-Fitr and it is a little encouraging to see that the local releases are still carrying some steam in them to stay afloat at the box office. The numbers, however, have witnessed a decline.

As for the Hollywood releases, they have stood up to the challenge, especially Aladdin which has surpassed the expectations and emerged out to be a true-blue HIT. On top of all of that, a local psychological thriller Kataksha hit the cinemas on Friday so we shall also be reporting on how the said film did on its first weekend. Let’s have a look at the numbers:

Wrong No. 2

Wrong No.2 has seen a meager fall of 37% as compared to the last weekend which is a good sign, considering there was an all-important cricket match on Sunday too. The film has raked in 1.1 crore over the weekend, taking its total to 17.05 crores which is the highest for any Yair Nawaz film and also the best for this Eid. The film has shown some legs but getting to the 20 crore figure will be the main target for this one. 

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Week One (9 Days): 13.1 crore
Week Two: 2.85 crore
3rd Weekend: 1.1 crore
Total: 17.05 crore


Chhalawa, on the other hand, faced a 40% fall from the last weekend and the numbers overall have been on the lower levels. The film raked in 80 lacs which took its total to 15.6 crores; this is a not all bad a number as it is the highest for any Wajahat Rauf film, ever. The film, however, will not be able to touch the 20 crore box office figure for the audience response has not been good enough and that shows in the collections.

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Week One (9 Days): 12.45 crore
Week Two: 2.35 crore
3rd Weekend: 80 lacs
Total: 15.6 crore


The horror flick apparently crossed the 1 crore mark on its opening weekend. It managed to hold well on Sunday too, despite the all-important cricket match (again apparently).

Below is the film’s estimated business, so far:

Friday: 0.25 crore
Saturday: 0.42 crore
Sunday: 0.4 crore
Total: 1.07 crore

Let’s see how the situation unfolds in the weekdays.

As for the Hollywood releases, Aladdin has emerged as a super success with its collections reaching  9.8 crores in 2 weeks. The film opened with lesser shows but it went on to show a supreme hold as it was universally loved by all audiences. The film is still doing well and we believe the dream run of Disney will continue in Pakistan with Avengers already doing great and The Lion King coming in July.

These box office numbers are given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.

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