Box Office: Weekend 3 Numbers For ‘Baaji’ Are In And She Is Not Holding Back


It has been three weekends since ‘Baaji’ graced the big screen. The film has been gliding easily and successfully through Pakistani cinemas, whether it was a weekday or a weekend full of cricket.

‘Baaji’ is unstoppable

‘Baaji’ has proven itself in the past few weeks. The film is packed with powerful moments conveying all the truths and hardships that come with being part of the film industry. The film gave audience a realistic look into actors’ lives, gaining even the sympathy of those who previously were not supporters of their fame, the glitz and glamor.


The film owes much of its success to strongly cut-out characters and a linear plot, with barely any disturbances other than the disappointing climax. The climax, however, isn’t something that can’t be forgiven considering how solid the movie is otherwise.

As for the numbers

We reported at the end of week 2 of ‘Baaji’ at the box office that it made Rs. 7.5 crores. Weekend 3 for the film came in and changed that, and the film is closer now to making 10 crores and becoming the sixth film this year to hit the 10 crores mark.


As week 2 ended and the film progressed into weekend 3, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the film made a combined Rs. 8.9 crores. It also became the biggest third weekend for a movie this year, proving that it is getting a consistent audience.

Here are Baaji’s estimated box office numbers till now:

Week one: Rs. 4.5 crores
Week two: Rs. 3 crores
Weekend three: 1.4 crores 

Total: 8.9 crores

With two local movies releasing this weekend, let’s see what the next weekend has in store for ‘Baaji’.


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