12 Desirable Roles That These Actors Wished They Had Done!

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Actors are both praised and criticized on the basis of the characters that they play or inherit. Moreover, the main reason behind their fame is the way they play certain roles, and not just that, the audience starts viewing and recognizing them as their on-screen character and even starts calling them by their on-screen names. The most prominent example is that of Mahira Khan as Khirad, who rose to fame because of her role in Humsafar, after which her career flew over the top.

Furthermore, other noticeable examples include Maya Ali as Manahil aka Mannu in Mann Mayal, Fawad Khan as Ashar Hussain in Humsafar yet again, Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz-paai in Udaari, Imran Ashraf as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, and several other applaudable performances as well. But the irony over here is; the poor actors only have the option of choosing roles from what they are offered, hence it is natural for them to envy a contemporary’s character in a particular serial, or a film.

Here’s a list of roles that our actors and actresses desired for themselves:

Mehwish Hayat (Saba Qamar’s Role In Cheekh)

The Chhalawa actress is amongst the best female actors in the industry, she has both commercial success, and critical accolades in her kitty.

Recently she’s only been doing films and has supposedly taken a break from the Television screen, however, she mentioned in her interview with BBC Asian Network, that she would continue working for the smaller screen, only if she’s offered a great script like Cheekh and characters like Mannat‘, played by none other than Saba Qamar. The actress was all praise for the drama.

Feroze Khan (Adnan Malik’s Role In Sadqay Tumhare)

Feroze is on cloud nine after winning the Best Actor (Television-Viewers Choice) award at this year’s Lux Style Awards. The actor appeared at HSY’s chat show, along with Humaima Malick, where he claimed that he would have done a better job than Adnan Malik in HUM TV’s Sadqay Tumharay opposite Mahira Khan. That is quite a statement to make, isn’t it?

Yasir Hussain (Sarmad Khoosat’s Role In Manto)

Yasir Hussain, as we all know is a multitalented artist of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. The actor revealed on 2 Minutes With Faiza Saleem, that he wanted to do Manto. He said that he finds the character of Manto very fascinating and wanted to play the role of Sarmad Khoosat, which he won humongous critical acclaim for.

Mansha Pasha (Sanam Saeed’s Role In Cake)

After doing films like Laal Kabootar and Chalay Thay Saath, Mansha has made her successful transition from Television to Silver Screen. The actress made a confession on Faiza Saleem’s show that she would have loved to do Sanam Saeed’s role in Cake.

Ushna Shah (Maya Ali’s Role In Teefa In Trouble)

The actress has always been known to be very honest and upfront, even before Teefa In Trouble released, Ushna Shah mentioned in several interviews that she really wanted to do Teefa with Ali Zafar. The role was played by Maya Ali.

Meera (Mehwish Hayat’s Role In Punjab Nahi Jaungi)

Saqib Malik’s Baaji has proven to be a successful comeback film for Meera, but the actress in a media press meet stated, that she wants to work with Humayun Saeed and complained that he should stop working with Mehwish Hayat for every project that he’s offered. She suggested him to work with her at the time when Punjab Nahi Jaungi was announced. And to be honest, we are not at all surprised by Meera’s upfront statements, are you?

Hareem Farooq (Mansha Pasha’s Role In Laal Kabootar)

Producer and actress, Hareem Farooq, spilled the beans on The Munshi Show by confessing that she was offered Laal Kabootar, but she couldn’t accommodate the film due to her prior commitments. The actress was bowled over by the movie and wished that she had been a part of it.

Ali Rehman (Adnan Malik’s Role In Cake)

Ali Rehman is known for his commercial roles in mainstream films such as Parchi and Heer Maan Ja. But the actor stated on The Munshi Show, that he wanted to be a part of the critically acclaimed film; Cake. Although he mentioned that the film was offered to him, but he couldn’t file for it because of Parchi’s shoot.

Resham (Maya Ali’s Role In Teefa In Trouble)

Resham is the industry’s sweetheart, who without a doubt, is an endearing actress and a powerhouse performer. In a candid conversation on One Take, she said that Teefa In Trouble was the film of the year, and really wished that the film was offered to her. The actress wanted to be a part of a big-budget mainstream commercial potboiler like Teefa, opposite her good friend Ali Zafar.

Mani (Adeel Hussain’s Role In Dobara Phir Se)

The multifaceted performer, Salman Saqib Sheikh a.k.a Mani said in an interview with Faiza Saleem that he wanted to do Adeel Hussain’s role in Dobara Phir Se. He stated that he liked how the character had so many layers and could have been performed in a different way. Well, do you guys agree?

Mawra Hocane (Iqra Aziz’s Role In Suno Chanda)

Mawra is known to play serious and emotionally driven characters as far as television is concerned. The actress marked Suno Chanda as that one thing that Iqra Aziz has but she doesn’t on One Take, where she was joined by the gorgeous Kubra Khan. Seeing Mawra Hocane doing lighter roles and subtle narratives will surely be refreshing for her fans. What do you guys think?

Iqra Aziz (Saba Qamar’s Role In Cheekh)

Iqra Aziz has been showered with accolades for her recent performances in television series like Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Suno Chanda. But little did we know, the actress still has the drive to perform more challenging roles and unique narratives. She stated in one of her recent interviews, that Saba Qamar’s role in Cheekh is a character that she hoped was offered to her, and that she would have loved to do it.

Final Word

We’re loving how all of these actors are driven towards performing divergent roles and are stimulated enough to get out of their comfort zones and perform such critically acclaimed characters. What actors in your opinion, would’ve performed better than the originals?


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